Monday, June 13, 2016

The Ordal Peach plays a starring role again at Albet i Noya in June and July

This Saturday, June 11th will kick off the 11th Ordal Peach Market in Sant Pau d’Ordal, where peaches take on a starring role, when the town welcomes a multitude of visitors from all over Catalonia every weekend during June, July, and August. 
The market is open in the morning from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and besides buying peaches from local producers, visitors can also participate in activities, workshops, pairings... all linked to this product and region. 

In this context, this year at the vineyard, we are offering the 4th Ordal Peach Market Route. It’s an activity that brings together local cuisine, peaches, and our wines, in order to offer the opportunity to enjoy the best of the region through all of your senses. The experience starts at the vineyard itself, at the Can Vendrell de la Codina estate, where you will find out about our philosophy and history, as well as our wines, and you will take a guided tour through our facilities. Then the activity moves on to Sant Pau d’Ordal in order to set off on a gastronomic itinerary that will take us to three of the village’s restaurants (Cal Pere del Maset, Cal Saldoni and Cal Xim) to enjoy a novel tapa made by each of the restaurant chefs, where peaches will play a starring role, accompanied by our wines. 

Days of the route: June (Saturday, 18th and Sunday, 26th), July (Sunday 3rd and Sunday, 17th)  
Timetable of the activity: 10:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. The meeting point is at 10:30 a.m. at Albet i Noya  
Price: 15€ per person (limited groups) 
Information and reservations: / tel. 93 899 48 12. Advance reservations necessary. 

Cal Saldoni: Prawn ravioli from Vilanova and Ordal peach, with the white wine El Fanio 2015 
Cal Pere del Maset: "Gazpacho" made of Ordal peach with Viognier gelatine and the white wine 3 Macabeus 2015 
Cal Xim: Marinated roasted Ordal peach pastry with roasted duck liver with the sparkling wine Classic Penedès Brut Nature Reserve 3

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

An Outstanding Vinum Nature Fair, with 21 Medals in the Golden Leaf Awards

The Classic Penedès Brut 21 stands out, winning the award in the highest-ranking category, the Golden Leaf Superior  

The show will bring together over a hundred organic vineyards from all over Spain at Barcelona’s Maritime Museum 

On 20th June, the 6th Vinum Nature Fair will take place in Barcelona, a prestigious fair bringing together the best organic wines in Spain. Within the framework of the fair, the Golden Leaf Awards, which recognise excellence among all of the wines present in the show, will also be announced.  

This year, our wines have won a total of 21 medals in the contest. Of all of them, the Classic Penedès Brut 21 stands out, the winner of the GOLDEN LEAF SUPERIOR. The Chardonnay and Parellada sparkling wine, which just won an award for the best sparkling wine of the DO Penedès a few days ago, shares this highly valued category with only twelve other wines in all of Spain.  

In the GOLDEN LEAF category, the white wines El Fanio, Marian Rion and Lignum were recognised. The red wines Ocell de Foc and Reserva Martí also won medals in this category, as did the Classic Penedès Brut Reserva.  

In the SILVER LEAF section, 12 of our wines were recognised. The white wines 3 Macabeus, Xarel·lo and Blanc XXV; the Pinot Noir rosé, and the red wines Belat, Ull de Llebre, La Milana and Syrah Col·lecció. Silver medals also went to Dolç Adrià and the sparkling wines Classic Penedès Brut Naure Reserve3 and Pinot Noir Brut Rosat.  

Finally, Brut Barrica 21 Reserva 5 and the sparkling wine ancestral NOSODOS+ won the contest’s bronze medal. It should be mentioned that with 21 medals, we are the vineyard with the largest number of wines winning Golden Leaf Awards.  

The Vinum Nature Fir is being held this year for the sixth time, and will take place at Barcelona’s Maritime Museum. With over 100 vineyards from all over Spain, Vinum Nature seeks to be a point of reference in Southern Europe for wines that are organic, natural, and sustainable. Parallel to the fair, there is also a full program of tastings and activities aimed at wine professionals.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our wines receive two gold medals and three certificates of excellence in the 50th contest of quality wines from DO Penedès

Our BRUT 21 2014 wins the gold medal as the best Classic Penedès and our CURIÒS Ull de Llebre starts out as the best young red wine.  

This is the 50th year that the awards of the Sant Humbert Academy of Wine-tasters have been given, making the competition one of the oldest in Europe. 

Wednesday night, the DO Penedès held an award ceremony in Barcelona for the best wines from the region. Our wines showed their high quality once again by winning a total of two gold medals and three certificates of excellence. In fact, with these 5 awards, we were present as finalists in almost every category in the contest. 

Of all of them, the sparkling wine Brut 21 stands out, winning a gold medal in the Classic Penedès category. The excellent chardonnay and parellada bubbles that already won the gold medal last year are back at the top again this year.  

In the category of young red wines, the gold medal went to Albet i Noya Curiós Ull de Llebre. It’s a young wine, with an incredible fruity taste and without wood, which came this year with a new image, winning the hearts of the members of the Academy.  

The other awards went to the Syrah 2012 Collection, in the category of vintage red wines; the Curiosa 2015 Pinot Noir/Merlot for rosés, and the Xarel·lo Curiós 2015, which won an award in the special section Xarel·los of the Penedès. The vineyard’s oenologist, Marga Torres, accepted the various awards at a dinner that took place in the Born Market in Barcelona. 

The DO Penedès awards were given to wines from the DO in various categories: young whites, vintage whites, young reds, vintage reds, rosés, classics, and xarel·lo. In each category, 5 awards were given: gold, silver, and bronze medals and two certificates of excellence. The contest was organised by the Sant Humbert Academy of Wine-tasters of Vilafranca del Penedès and it is one of the oldest such contests in Europe.

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