Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fairs and Festivals 2010

You will find us in different events promoting our wines and cavas,

NEW PENEDÈS: Majorca, Madrid, Barcelona.
The new vintages will be presented between January and February in these cities.
The dates are still to arrange, but for more info please contact with Gemma at

ENOLIA, in Bilbao on January 25th. Gemma is travelling to Bilbao to present you our product range.

MILLESIME BIO 2010, Montpellier, 25th, 26th and 27th of January. Is an organic wine Fair, for more info you can contact with Josep Jové or with Miquel Terrado, their emails are and

BIOFACH 2010, the largest and most important fair of organic products will take place in Nuremberg from 17th to 20th February 2010. There you will find our export manager Josep Jove and Miquel Terrado.

ALIMENTARIA, from 22th to 25th March in Barcelona, it take place in Barceloant the most important national fair about food and drinks.

We hope to see you there!

According to the Peñin Guide, Albet i Noya is the best graded cellar in the D.O Penedès

Out of all the Penedès cellers that presented their samples to the 2010 Peñin Guide, 156 in total, Albet i Noya is the brand that obtained the most points for all its product range.

6 wines received marks of 90 points or more and 7 wines received best marks for price-quality relationship.

Also worth mentioning are the 90 points granted to our new Belat wine.
The 2 most noteworthy Albet i Noya wines, both for their marks and their optimum price-quality relationship are the Lignum Blanc 2008 with 90 points and 5 price-quality stars and the 3 Macabeus with 91 points and also 5 price-quality stars. These two white wines flee from the typical young, light, white wine characteristics and stand out for their body and volume in the mouth.
The table below indicates the rating:

Yes, we will have 3Macabeus 2009

As of 9th December we will have 3Macabeus 2009. Many of you have asked this question after the first vintage of 2008. This occurred quite coincidentally after tasting the magnificent and excellent harvest from the 3 vineyards: the Pou de la Pedra, la Casilla and the Tuies, over 40 years old, which until last year we had never vinified before to make a mellow Macabeu wine. We used to use them for the magic cava triplet.

For the 2009 vintage we preferred to wait until the wine was finished, to taste it and decide if it met the quality of 2008. We can now confirm that the quality of 2009 also deserves bottling on its own, hence offering the opportunity to taste one of the few 100% Macabeus in the world. This wine expresses the potential of the Macabeu planted on calcareous terraces at the Costers de l'Ordal, on vineyards over 40 years old with a Ha production of 6400 Kg./Ha.

The Macabeu varietal, with its biblical name, is autochthonous to the Penedès region, the land where it was born and where it has been most extensively harvested for the longest period of time. Planted in the ideal places for perfect aging and without expecting levels of production too high, it offers wines of a special delicacy and expression that you wouldn't get tired of drinking.

The Petit Albet Blanc '09 -available as of November 30th.

We are now serving the new 2009 vintage year, and the first wine of the year is the Petit Albet Blanc. This is the smallest and earliest of the range, fresh and fruity just like the best vintage year.

The Petit Albet follows the path we set out some years ago which aims at providing our most economical wine with excellent quality. This is made evident with your exceptional acceptance of the wine and is also proved by the sales figures.
We are convinced you will be more than happy with our 2009 vintage and that it will beat its own sales record due to the excellent 2009 vintage we have harvested.

Screw tops for the Xarel·lo and the Pinot Noir- Classic Merlot 2009

Given the excellent welcoming of the Petit Albet and its aluminium screw top in almost all markets, we have decided to use this seal for the new 2009 harvest of the Classic Xarel·lo and the Pinot Noir-Classic Merlot.

Tests undertaken prove how all the whites and rosés as well as the red wines with an oxidative tendency (grenache noir, monestrell,...), age slower, preserve their quality for much longer - in particular the fruity aromas and the freshness in the mouth - while presenting a lower SO2 content. All of this undoubtedly produces a far more interesting wine for most consumers.

Furthermore, research undertaken by companies unknown to the aluminium and cork industries, proves that while cork producers cannot solve or significantly minimize the cork taste problems that sometimes occur to corked bottles, wines sealed with an aluminium screw top are more ecological than wines sealed with a cork.

Lignum Blanc in a 37.5 cl format

Aimed mainly at restaurateurs and single individuals, the so called ½ bottle is an option designed to continue enjoying wine in smaller amounts.

As it reduces the cost of the meal, it optimises the bottle content while minimizing the risk of over-the-limit alcohol while driving; we have decided that as of the 2009 harvest, we will offer you the Lignum Blanc in a 37.5 cl bottle.

On the other hand we have stopped producing the Chardonnay Col·leció in this format. We have detected that with the current market situation it adapts less to the consumer who is looking for a wine with the best price-quality relationship.

Important changes to the Penedès D.O.

The Penedès D.O. has unanimously decided, along with wine growers and producers, to clearly promote and prioritise wine quality, the autochthonous varietals and the D.O. image, to decrease Ha performance, increase the minimum tasting requirements and to change the wine tasting committee which is now smaller and more professional.

Different measures have been adopted to clearly promote the Xarel·lo as a region standard and the D.O. logo has recently been up-dated by adding a short and catchy slogan that simply defines our best assets: SUN AND WINE.

The change comes hand in hand with several promotional and general publicity actions within Catalonia. All of the promotional actions are encompassed within the strategic plan approved this year and will at least take place throughout the whole of 2010.

We are convinced that with the joint efforts of all cellars towards this common project, we will take steps ahead towards providing the PENEDÈS wines with greater prestige.

As of this month the Brut Nature becomes Gran Reserva vintage 2006

As a result of the new Cava Regulation Board quality rules, the Gran Reserva cavas will be aged for at least 30 months in bottles with their lees and will have to indicate the harvest year on the label. Therefore our Brut Nature is currently being supplied as a Gran Reserva 2006, an excellent vintage year for cavas.

The Brut Natura provides the maximum quality and purity of a cava as it has no added sugars, it expresses the essence of a base wine and the vineyards it comes from.
This is the ideal cava to have throughout a meal, it is the lightest, goes less to your head and is suitable for diabetics.

Albet i Noya discovers three more unknown grape varietals in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Within the I+D+I activities undertaken at Albet i Noya, we have recently found two white grape varietals and one red grape varietal in a valley within the Catalan Pyrenees, which according to their DNA, are unknown in Europe. These varietals are very old and in extreme danger of extinction.

We will graft six vines from two of them this winter to begin testing and we hope the other one buds well next year so we can obtain wood for reproducing it.
All three will become part of our collection and testing processes. In the meantime we will continue searching for other forgotten varietals hoping it's not too late for some of them and that they can enrich the diversity of our vineyards and our wines in the future.

A new DVD to better explain our landscape and our work

After two and a half years working on the DVD, we can finally present what we often try to explain at show rooms, fairs and visits.

The dvd aims at giving you a better look at our work environment which clearly conditions and contributes to the quality of our wines.

Out wish to do things properly and to express everything in 11 minutes, was only possible thanks to the professionalism and hard work of film director Pep Puig and his technical team. The laborious job of finding and fitting the scenes together, the amazing music added, the narration in Catalan and the dubbing into Spanish, English, German and Japanese made the process longer than estimated but with the final result in our hands, we know it was worth while the wait.

We hope that his vision helps you understand what our year round work represents and helps you understand and love our wines and landscape a little more.

An elegant box for our top range wines

From now on, the Cava Brut Barrica 21 and the Belat will leave the cellar presented in a new box as shown in the photograph. If we add the fact that due to their limited production they are already exclusive products, this new box will make them an even more ideal gift any time of the year.

Also, due to the important up-coming dates, we have extended this offer to other products such as the Chardonnay and the Syrah Collection, La Milana, the Reserva Martí and the Blanc XXV.

The box has been designed by the usual Albet i Noya design team and aims at representing the surrounding nature and land.

Layers of calcareous stone from the dry stone margins in our vineyards and the colours of the vineyards during the autumn season, create such a beautiful chromaticity that we couldn’t resist the temptation of capturing images for friends and clients to enjoy. We believe the result was worth the effort.

The seven wines presented in this box are the maximum expression of the quality our vineyards can offer and the result of a professional team with whom it is a pleasure to work.

The Rosé Cava is now available

Since the beginning of October, our rosé cava, out of stock for nine months, has been available once again. We hope it lasts a little longer this time and allows us to catch up with the next collection without running out of stock.

The excellent quality of our Rosé Cava, 100% Pinot Noir, and the increasing trend for this kind of cava in many countries, are the reasons that undoubtedly led us to sell out far quicker than we had forecasted.

As you will find out, the quality of this collection is also excellent and maintains that distinct aroma of red fruit and roses, so alive and characteristic of the Pinot Noir that matures in the Mediterranean climate.

Above all, taste it sip by sip, drink it slowly, it's worth it!

The Tempranillo Classic and the Reserva Martí, winners of the 2009 Ecoviure competition.

The Tempranillo Classic 2008 and the Reserva Martí 2006 won the first and second prize in their respective categories of young red wine and aged red wine, at the 2009 Ecoviure annual competition.

Two of Albet i Noya's most representative wines, the Tempranillo Classic which as its name indicates is one of the most traditional and one of the best sold, and the Reserva Martí for being the most emblematic and holding an award for its 2006 vintage.

The Ecoviure Fair takes place in Manresa and promotes sustainability. Each year it organises the Ecoviure Award where ecological wines and oils are set to test. This year was its eleventh edition.

Reserva Martí 2004, a 10 point wine no longer in our hands!

The Reserva Martí 2004 has achieved 10 golden medals in less than two years.

This has, by far, been the vintage best valued by worldwide critics out of the 10 harvests we have collected for the Reserva Martí. The 2004 vintage shows characteristics very similar to those of the 1998 harvest but with a smoother, more mature and a sweeter tannin profile, which has also evolved marvellously in the bottle until today. It will allow the lucky ones still in possession of a bottle, to enjoy it for at least another three or four years in perfect conditions, with its maximum level of expression in tact.

The highlight of these acknowledgments is that they were not awarded by our country alone or from a single country or market. The wine has achieved gold medals from France, Germany, Spain and Austria.

Year after year we observe how we were getting closer to the chimerical objective of achieving the perfect wine. This is tremendously exciting for us and we would like consumers to share this excitement although we assume this isn't easy. Whenever we discover and try things we believe could help us improve the wine we are trying to make, whether at the vineyard or the cellar, we are overwhelmed with a kind of intrigue and excitement that we would somehow like to give expression to when our wines are tasted.

We have currently sold out of the Reserva Martí 2004 – Go Reserva Martí 2006 !

2009 Grape harvest

On 17th August we began the Albet i Noya grape harvest.

The first varietals to arrive at the cellar were the Pinot Noir, then the Chardonnay, the Muscat, the Sauvignon Blanc, the Macabeu, our old recovered varietals nº 5, 4 and 2, the Viogner and the Merlot.

At today's date, 10th September, we can say that we have harvested 30% of the total grape amount, some 300,000 kg.
As for the grapes'appearance and health, we have classified them as very good.

The harvest began early due to the high temperatures we suffered throughout the month of August. This caused the grapes to ripen quite quickly and we had to hurry to pick the first bunches. Now, however, it seems that the ripening has slowed down as the nights have turned colder which means a slower ripening but with better results.

On the other hand we already have the first fermented wines from 2009; the Pinot Noir, which we will use for the Pinot Noir-Merlot Classic rosé wine and for the Rosé Cava, the Sauvignon Blanc which we will use for the Lignum White blending and a part of the Macabeu for the cava base wines.

The harvesting will probably end by mid October; the weather has the last say.
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