Thursday, December 10, 2009

According to the Peñin Guide, Albet i Noya is the best graded cellar in the D.O Penedès

Out of all the Penedès cellers that presented their samples to the 2010 Peñin Guide, 156 in total, Albet i Noya is the brand that obtained the most points for all its product range.

6 wines received marks of 90 points or more and 7 wines received best marks for price-quality relationship.

Also worth mentioning are the 90 points granted to our new Belat wine.
The 2 most noteworthy Albet i Noya wines, both for their marks and their optimum price-quality relationship are the Lignum Blanc 2008 with 90 points and 5 price-quality stars and the 3 Macabeus with 91 points and also 5 price-quality stars. These two white wines flee from the typical young, light, white wine characteristics and stand out for their body and volume in the mouth.
The table below indicates the rating:
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