Thursday, December 10, 2009

An elegant box for our top range wines

From now on, the Cava Brut Barrica 21 and the Belat will leave the cellar presented in a new box as shown in the photograph. If we add the fact that due to their limited production they are already exclusive products, this new box will make them an even more ideal gift any time of the year.

Also, due to the important up-coming dates, we have extended this offer to other products such as the Chardonnay and the Syrah Collection, La Milana, the Reserva Martí and the Blanc XXV.

The box has been designed by the usual Albet i Noya design team and aims at representing the surrounding nature and land.

Layers of calcareous stone from the dry stone margins in our vineyards and the colours of the vineyards during the autumn season, create such a beautiful chromaticity that we couldn’t resist the temptation of capturing images for friends and clients to enjoy. We believe the result was worth the effort.

The seven wines presented in this box are the maximum expression of the quality our vineyards can offer and the result of a professional team with whom it is a pleasure to work.
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