Thursday, December 10, 2009

Important changes to the Penedès D.O.

The Penedès D.O. has unanimously decided, along with wine growers and producers, to clearly promote and prioritise wine quality, the autochthonous varietals and the D.O. image, to decrease Ha performance, increase the minimum tasting requirements and to change the wine tasting committee which is now smaller and more professional.

Different measures have been adopted to clearly promote the Xarel·lo as a region standard and the D.O. logo has recently been up-dated by adding a short and catchy slogan that simply defines our best assets: SUN AND WINE.

The change comes hand in hand with several promotional and general publicity actions within Catalonia. All of the promotional actions are encompassed within the strategic plan approved this year and will at least take place throughout the whole of 2010.

We are convinced that with the joint efforts of all cellars towards this common project, we will take steps ahead towards providing the PENEDÈS wines with greater prestige.
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