Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reserva Martí 2004, a 10 point wine no longer in our hands!

The Reserva Martí 2004 has achieved 10 golden medals in less than two years.

This has, by far, been the vintage best valued by worldwide critics out of the 10 harvests we have collected for the Reserva Martí. The 2004 vintage shows characteristics very similar to those of the 1998 harvest but with a smoother, more mature and a sweeter tannin profile, which has also evolved marvellously in the bottle until today. It will allow the lucky ones still in possession of a bottle, to enjoy it for at least another three or four years in perfect conditions, with its maximum level of expression in tact.

The highlight of these acknowledgments is that they were not awarded by our country alone or from a single country or market. The wine has achieved gold medals from France, Germany, Spain and Austria.

Year after year we observe how we were getting closer to the chimerical objective of achieving the perfect wine. This is tremendously exciting for us and we would like consumers to share this excitement although we assume this isn't easy. Whenever we discover and try things we believe could help us improve the wine we are trying to make, whether at the vineyard or the cellar, we are overwhelmed with a kind of intrigue and excitement that we would somehow like to give expression to when our wines are tasted.

We have currently sold out of the Reserva Martí 2004 – Go Reserva Martí 2006 !
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