Thursday, December 10, 2009

Screw tops for the Xarel·lo and the Pinot Noir- Classic Merlot 2009

Given the excellent welcoming of the Petit Albet and its aluminium screw top in almost all markets, we have decided to use this seal for the new 2009 harvest of the Classic Xarel·lo and the Pinot Noir-Classic Merlot.

Tests undertaken prove how all the whites and rosés as well as the red wines with an oxidative tendency (grenache noir, monestrell,...), age slower, preserve their quality for much longer - in particular the fruity aromas and the freshness in the mouth - while presenting a lower SO2 content. All of this undoubtedly produces a far more interesting wine for most consumers.

Furthermore, research undertaken by companies unknown to the aluminium and cork industries, proves that while cork producers cannot solve or significantly minimize the cork taste problems that sometimes occur to corked bottles, wines sealed with an aluminium screw top are more ecological than wines sealed with a cork.
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