Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Tempranillo Classic and the Reserva Martí, winners of the 2009 Ecoviure competition.

The Tempranillo Classic 2008 and the Reserva Martí 2006 won the first and second prize in their respective categories of young red wine and aged red wine, at the 2009 Ecoviure annual competition.

Two of Albet i Noya's most representative wines, the Tempranillo Classic which as its name indicates is one of the most traditional and one of the best sold, and the Reserva Martí for being the most emblematic and holding an award for its 2006 vintage.

The Ecoviure Fair takes place in Manresa and promotes sustainability. Each year it organises the Ecoviure Award where ecological wines and oils are set to test. This year was its eleventh edition.
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