Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes, we will have 3Macabeus 2009

As of 9th December we will have 3Macabeus 2009. Many of you have asked this question after the first vintage of 2008. This occurred quite coincidentally after tasting the magnificent and excellent harvest from the 3 vineyards: the Pou de la Pedra, la Casilla and the Tuies, over 40 years old, which until last year we had never vinified before to make a mellow Macabeu wine. We used to use them for the magic cava triplet.

For the 2009 vintage we preferred to wait until the wine was finished, to taste it and decide if it met the quality of 2008. We can now confirm that the quality of 2009 also deserves bottling on its own, hence offering the opportunity to taste one of the few 100% Macabeus in the world. This wine expresses the potential of the Macabeu planted on calcareous terraces at the Costers de l'Ordal, on vineyards over 40 years old with a Ha production of 6400 Kg./Ha.

The Macabeu varietal, with its biblical name, is autochthonous to the Penedès region, the land where it was born and where it has been most extensively harvested for the longest period of time. Planted in the ideal places for perfect aging and without expecting levels of production too high, it offers wines of a special delicacy and expression that you wouldn't get tired of drinking.
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