Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Millésime Bio, Come and taste our wines at Millesime Bio, Montpellier from the 24th to 26th of January, with Josep Jové Miquel Terrado.

Enolia, On the 31st of January Gemma Soler will be in Bilbao at the Guggenheim Museum to offer you our wines and cavas.
Biofach, Once again we will attend one of the most important ecological wine Fairs between the 16th and 19th of February in Nuremberg.

We end the year with 8 more medals awarded in Navarra

Before closing the year 2010, our cellar will have obtained 5 silver medals and 3 bronze, achieved in the last National Ecological Wine competition in Estella, Navarra. On this occasion the silver medal awarded wines were: Lignum Blanc 09, Tempranillo Clàssic 09, Syrah Col·lecció 07, Reserva Martí 06 and Milana 06.

And bronze, Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva, Brut Petit Albet and Lignum Negre (Red) 08. These 8 medals in the same competition are a clear indication of the high level of quality with which Albet i Noya makes all of its wines and, according to Josep M.Albet, this is due to: " the continuous work we do in revitalising the land and the old vines can be appreciated in all the wines, excellent work is also being carried out in the cellar, extracting fine fruits and searching for elegant wines, but undoubtedly the fantastic lands at Costers d’Ordal are what give us most quality, especially in concentration and minerals. "Our cellar, with a large difference, obtained more distinctions that any other (the only one to get more than two medals) in the VI edition of this competition, which was even more difficult this year as the competition rules meant that the number of awarded wines could not exceed 30.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martí 2006 Reserve, two gold medals in Germany and Switzerland

Martí 2006 Reserve has been simultaneously awarded in two international competitions: Expovina 2010 in Switzerland and MundusVini 2010 in Germany.

Along with the medal obtained in Biofach 2010, last February, we now have three gold medals for the 2006 harvest that went on sale just one year ago.

The Martí Reserve has always been one of the most highly valued Albet i Noya wines throughout the world, competing with ecological and conventional wines, and being the first reserve made at the Finca de Can Vendrell, taking on the name "Martí" after the son of Josep Maria, who “created” both.

The Martí Reserve is always a coupage of Tempranillo, along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, with a crianza of two years in new French oak barrels and another year in the bottle.

Both Expovina and MundusVini are world-wide recognised competitions due to the large number of participating wines, on this occasion there were 2.382 and 5.883 respectively, which are referenda to the subtle elegance and quality of our wine.

Albet i Noya prize-winner in the 3rd edition of Tàstum

Our cellar has been recognised and awarded in the third edition of the Catalonia Agro-alimentary Forum. These awards are organised by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action with the aim of easing the relationship between producers, transformers, distributors and chefs to stimulate a debate about the future that this sector has to follow, the first industrial sector in Catalonia.

According to the jury’s verdict, made up of prestigious professionals, the Tàstum Vine and Wine Production award has gone to Josep Maria Albet, in recognition of his efforts, determination and career in ecological wines. As technical director, Josep Maria received the prize in representation of the ecological cellar.

For Josep Maria this an award that he feels very proud of and said so to the whole team: ..."Therefore it is a recognition that I think we should all be proud of, although it was awarded to me in person without the team behind me I am sure it would not have been given to me, and the efforts that I spoke about are those made by everybody."

The award ceremony was held on the 18th of October in the National Theatre of Catalonia, presided by the President of the Catalan Government, José Montilla, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action, Joaquim LLena.

Start of the grape harvest

The Chardonnay harvest started last 27th of August.

Around one pm the first tractor, driven by Martí Albet, entered with 3360kg of grapes.

According to the data from our laboratory this chardonnay to make Cava is 10º, has 6g/l acidity and 3.4PH.

The harvest has been done and the selection made by hand so that only the highest quality grapes are used, leaving in the vineyard those that did not reach an adequate level.

Building of the new cellar

Albet y Noya increases capacity by 20% with the building of a new 500m2 cellar that holds 220.000 more litres.

The new cellar is located in the main estate of Can Vendrell, in the municipality of St.Pau de Ordal.

This new area is for the fermentation of red wines and there is a special area for top range red wines. To elaborate these wines 4 cement deposits of 6000 litres have been incorporated. These latest generation French tanks incorporate a new technology that will allow the wines to breath better, expressing and boosting the fruit and, at the same time, making them smoother. This type of deposit is specially meant for top range red wines.

Before the building of this new area there was what we called the Pallissa in this part of the Can Vendrell estate, a room where there were some wine barrels for crianza, and for this reason the new cellar will surely keep this name; and it will be called the new Pallissa cellar, therefore making a set of spaces with the cellar from 1925 and the new cellar of Xapallà finished in 2004.

Ecoracimos 2010

The Tempranillo Clàssic and the 3Macabeus have been awarded with Gold Medals in the 2010 Ecoracimos Ecological Wine Competition, held in Cordoba last June.

Our wines, along with Gran Gotanya from Terra Alta, have been the only Catalan wines to be awarded and the only ones from the Penedès D.O.

In its 11th edition and with an increase of 20% in presented wines, the Ecoracimos Competition aims to demonstrate the growing prestige and quality of ecological wines.

4th Gastronomic Season of the Melocotón de Ordal (Ordal Peach)

The 4th Gastronomic Season of the Ordal Peach is based on the fusion of special dishes prepared by 21 different restaurants in Penedès, with peach along with the sweet wine Dolç les Timbes, especially made in the Albet i Noya cellar for this occasion.

There are several objectives during these days; to create a gastronomic offer in Penedès with cultural and quality added value, with an attractive proposal for a public that is basically national. Also, to promote the Ordal peach and its marriage with our white wine made with the Viogner variety, pressed and created exclusively for the marriage with the Ordal peach, but also with other white fruits like pears, melons, apples, etc...

The activity will be complemented and promoted in the Ordal peach market that takes place in the village of St.Pau on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer months.

In this way the municipality will become known as a region of indigenous products and unique personality.

This idea was the initiative of the Albet i Noya cellar and in the first year had the collaboration of the Subirats Tourism Board, the next year it was joined by the Alt Penedès Consortium for Tourism Promotion, with the aim of joining forces and making it even better known.

This year, in order to make the events more attractive, various types of incentives have been created; one for restaurants that will be awarded for the best dish, valuing the marriage with Dolç les Timbes and another prize for three couples who have tried these marriages that consists of a day in Penedès to enjoy a free visit to our cellar plus a lot of three products, lunch at one of the winning restaurants and a cultural visit in Penedès.

In addition to this, the famous gastronomy critic Pere Tàpies has been chosen to follow up on the restaurants and give them points and another taster will go incognito so that the marking is more objective.

We should point out that this 4th Season has been very well received by the restaurants and has gone from 15 restaurants to 21, and they are:

Cal Pere del Maset, Cal Saldoni, Cal Xim (St.Pau), Cal Xim Barcelona, Restaurant Cantallops, Cal Pelegrí, Sol i Vi, Cal Blay Vint-i-cinc, Hotel Fonda Neus, La Posada, Cal Ton, El Gat Blau, La Pérgola, El Mercat, Ca l'Agustí, Cal Recolons, Restaurante Cal Maties, Cal Diari, Negre Fum, El Cigró d'Or, Restaurant el Bosc.

During the presentation of the 4th Season the peach producers have given a box of peaches to each restaurant so they can start to create their first synergies.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Chardonnay Collection 2008 amongst the Top Ten of the Chardonnay du Monde in SIXTH place and Gold Medal in the same competition

The Chardonnay Collection 2008 has been classified in SIXTH place in the “Chardonnay du Monde 2010 International Competition”, forming part of the prestigious list of the TOP TEN wines of this variety, and also obtaining one of the Gold Medal awards in a Competition with 37 participating countries, more than 900 wines tasted and 300 internationally expert judges.

The previous vintage (2007), also won a Gold Medal and two Silver Medals, one of which was in the this very competition, as well as another Gold in 2003 and silver medals in 1995, 97, 98 and 99 in various worldwide competitions.

This award confirms that it is not just a great 2008 harvest, it means that the vineyard terroir of “Can Vendrell” (where this wine has been produced since 1988) and its special micro-climate, is one of the areas in the world that produces the most authentic variety of Chardonnay and after 25 years this vineyard has reached the highest level of excellence, which, without a doubt, forecasts a future of great wines.

Our cellar, specialists in harvesting and producing highest standard wines with indigenous varieties such as Xarel•lo, Macabeu and Tempranillo as well as recuperated varieties such as Belat, is now consolidated with this 2008 Chardonnay Collection as one of the most expert cellars in the know-how of harvesting and producing great wines, and especially in knowing the best terroir for each variety .

For Josep Maria Albet the Chardonnay Collection is a wine: “On the nose, white flowers with hints of pear, quince and ripe tropical fruits, as well as a slight touch of laurel and smokiness. In the mouth, very fine, integrated wood, full bodied, buttery and apple compote traces ,leaving a slight sweetness like fine Alpine clover. All together it is a very expressive wine, with the elegance and balance that this variety reaches when it is in one of the best terroirs in the world”

Monday, June 21, 2010


9th June, Vilaviniteca Cava Fair
Place: Vinacoteca (C/Valencia 595) from 16:30 to 20:30

14th of June, V Wine Meeting Show, Asturias 2010
Place: Hotel la Reconquista (Calle de Gil de Jaz, 16 )

19th of June, Cellar Show Fiesta 10th Anniversary D.O. Catalunya
Place: Sala Marques de Comillas (Drasanas Reales and Museo Marítimo de Barcelona)

21st of June, Sparkling wine Fair in Lavinia Madrid
Place: Tienda Lavinia Madrid (Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, 16)

22nd of June, Sparkling wine Fair in Lavinia Barcelona
Place: Tienda Lavinia Barcelona (Avenida Diagonal, 605)

Albet i Noya sponsors and organises the EcosostenibleWine 2010

The II International Conference of Ecological, Sustainable Viticulture and Climatic Change will be held in Vilafranca del Penedès from the 15th to the 16 of June.

These days are dedicated to inform about novelties in the production of ecological and sustainable viniculture, and debates will be held on themes such as: technical problems, the most relevant information about environmental control and management of the cellar and the repercussion in the international wine market.

"EcosostenibleWine 2010" is especially directed towards managers of technical and economic management of viniculture exploitations and cellars, universities and research centres. Organised by the Catalan Institute of Vinayards and Wine (INCAVI) and the Special Centre of Research- Plant of Food Technology of the Autónoma de Barcelona University, the Viniculture Union of Penedès and the Institute of Cava, and other institutions and sector entities. It also has the scientific support of the International Organisation of vineyards and wines and other scientific organisations such as Grupo Cenit-DEMETER, RedBio.

This Conference will also be a great opportunity to listen to researchers and specialists, experts interested in the application of new environmental techniques to maintain sustainability in the sector and the elaboration of ecological products, as a source to improve competitiveness in the viniculture sector.

Albet i Noya recuperates the bat population to control grape moth

Albet i Noya along with the assessor Xavier Bayer, biologist and specialist from Penedés on these mammals, has hung up the first nest boxes with the aim of favouring the population of some of the 15 species of bats that live in Subirats.

In the Can Simón estate (municipality of Canaletas) a ruined house will soon be rehabilitated to house a large colony, for summer (upstairs) and for winter (basements), a real luxury hotel for these little animals that are strictly protected and thanks to the ecological wines of Albet i Noya and fortunately even more so throughout Penedès, are not poisoned by insects contaminated by insecticides.

The nest boxes that are hung on trees substitute the old trees that no longer exist, which had been their natural habitat during spring/summer, and they can be made using the already used wooden wine boxes giving a very ecological second use to this packaging material.

Openings are made in the boxes to the bats can access them and little beams are added so they can sleep during the day. As night falls the bats go out to hunt as this grape moths fly and will be eaten up by the bats, therefore reducing its population and facilitating control by other means, which reduces the grape damage caused by the so called moth, which is the main cause of botrytis or rot fungi in grapes.

This method is successfully in the USA in plantations of cotton, corn, coffee etc...and also in the Delta del Ebro, to control rice and where in just one night the bats can eat up to 600.000 moths in just one rice field.

According to Carles Flaquer (researcher at the Natural Museum of Granollers) the "soprano bat" (Pipistrellus Pygmaeus) one of the most abundant species in Subirats, can eat up to 132 moths in a night and other, more voracious, can eat up to 1.000 insects in an hour.

Albet i Noya sweeps the board in the D.O Penedès Competition

Albet i Noya has been the most awarded cellar in the 44th Wines of D.O Penedès Competition.

Our cellar has stood out by winning three gold medals in the five categories that competed. First with Xarel•lo Clàssic, in the category of young white wines, the Chardonnay Col.lecció as the best white crianza, and Tempranillo Clàssic in the category of young wines.

Three wines that are very representative of the cellar and all are mono-varietal, a fact to take into account as it indicates the know-how for these varieties, Xarel•lo, Chardonnay and Tempranillo and their better process in wine making.

Josep Maria Albet elected memeber of CCPAE

Josep Maria Albet, has been elected as the representative of the sub-sector of production, importation and commercialisation of the Board of CCPAE.

The candidature is made up of Josep Maria Albet, who represents the wine sector, with 47 producing cellars in all Catalonia, Daniel Valls represents the sector of fruits, vegetables and juices and Juli Berger for the meat sector.

This candidature had already been proclaimed as it was the only one for the sector.

The Catalan Council for Ecological Agricultural Production controls, audits and certifies ecological products in Catalonia. The Board meets ever four years and is made up of 12 members: three producers, three elaborators, three consumers and three members of the Administration.

Trials at Albet i Noya

Albet i Noya tested eliminating grasses between the rows with propane gas, which could substitute mechanical digging.

The aim is to study the possible savings in CO2 emissions, reductions in costs and moving the land.

Albet i Noya covered in snow

On the 8th of March, just fifteen days away from the welcoming Spring, the snow arrived in Penedès, as well as in many other parts of Catalonia. The snow was 15cm deep.
This is the magnificent white blanket that the snow left in our cellar and vineyards.

Albet i Noya increases visits

Albet i Noya has noticed the increase in visits in the first 5 months of this year.
Although the high season with Enoturismo starts in Spring.

We noticed this increase in the first month of 2010 when 185 people more visited us than in January 2009. In total figures the growth in 2009 was 15% more than 2008.

The weekends in the first month of the year were the most affluent with public and by origin we can say that the majority were Catalan, followed by Swedish and American tourists.

We should point out there is an ever increasing number of Schools, Institutes and Universities that choose this activity when organising outings.

We hope to maintain these dynamics and obtain such positive statistics at the end of the year.

Albet i Noya gets 3 medals in the DLG competition

Gols, silver and bronze are the results obtained in the German DLG (German Agricultural Society) Competition of ecological products.
The awarded wines are Vinya Laia 2007 (D.O. Catalonia) which obtained the Gold, Finca la Milana 2005 (D.O. Penedès) Silver and Cava Brut (D.O. Cava) Bronze.

The Vinya Laia has been, up till now, exclusively for the German and Swiss markets but this year it can also be found in the national market. The Vinya Laia is a top Albet i Noya wine under the D.O. Catalonia, with a coupage of Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a crianza of 10 months in the barrel.

Likewise, Finca La Milana continues its good progress obtaining its third silver medal and accumulating four awards, added to the gold obtained last year in the French Milessime Bio competition.

Recognition by the DLG means an important distinction within the world of ecological wines.
The DLG has over 100 years of evaluation competence and important prestige in the German market, the most significant today at Albet i Noya.

Albet i Noya starts a new R + D project

Albet i Noya has started in 2010 the new AEI INNOVI research project within the ecological fight that will last for the next seven years.

The Albet i Noya Cellar will form part of the work group that will search for better vine disease controls in a more ecological way, concentrating on tests for high quality grapes with good resistance against fungi that most affect the vineyards(mildew, odium and botrytis) and that have a long cycle, meaning late maturity.

We will also investigate products that induce and stimulate self-defences of the vines in order to resist attacks by different fungi.

We are currently working on the selection phase to choose the varieties that will be tested, but basically they will be varieties coming from different research centres in Germany, USA and countries from the East, where trials have already given very good results and some of which have already become an extensive and commercial product. We should point out the for some years now Germany has had the authorisation for commercial plantations of these vines and some varieties are already in the circuit with some quality wines.

The aim of the project is to find varieties that obtain less CO2 emissions, less production costs and less chemical product wastes in the grape and therefore in the wine.

The work-group for this ecological fight project is made up of: ALBET I NOYA, TORRES, the VITEC department of the URV and INCAVI.

The ALBET I NOYA investment in this project will be 120.000€ whilst that of the of the whole research group could reach half a million euros.
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