Monday, June 21, 2010

Albet i Noya gets 3 medals in the DLG competition

Gols, silver and bronze are the results obtained in the German DLG (German Agricultural Society) Competition of ecological products.
The awarded wines are Vinya Laia 2007 (D.O. Catalonia) which obtained the Gold, Finca la Milana 2005 (D.O. Penedès) Silver and Cava Brut (D.O. Cava) Bronze.

The Vinya Laia has been, up till now, exclusively for the German and Swiss markets but this year it can also be found in the national market. The Vinya Laia is a top Albet i Noya wine under the D.O. Catalonia, with a coupage of Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a crianza of 10 months in the barrel.

Likewise, Finca La Milana continues its good progress obtaining its third silver medal and accumulating four awards, added to the gold obtained last year in the French Milessime Bio competition.

Recognition by the DLG means an important distinction within the world of ecological wines.
The DLG has over 100 years of evaluation competence and important prestige in the German market, the most significant today at Albet i Noya.
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