Monday, June 21, 2010

Albet i Noya starts a new R + D project

Albet i Noya has started in 2010 the new AEI INNOVI research project within the ecological fight that will last for the next seven years.

The Albet i Noya Cellar will form part of the work group that will search for better vine disease controls in a more ecological way, concentrating on tests for high quality grapes with good resistance against fungi that most affect the vineyards(mildew, odium and botrytis) and that have a long cycle, meaning late maturity.

We will also investigate products that induce and stimulate self-defences of the vines in order to resist attacks by different fungi.

We are currently working on the selection phase to choose the varieties that will be tested, but basically they will be varieties coming from different research centres in Germany, USA and countries from the East, where trials have already given very good results and some of which have already become an extensive and commercial product. We should point out the for some years now Germany has had the authorisation for commercial plantations of these vines and some varieties are already in the circuit with some quality wines.

The aim of the project is to find varieties that obtain less CO2 emissions, less production costs and less chemical product wastes in the grape and therefore in the wine.

The work-group for this ecological fight project is made up of: ALBET I NOYA, TORRES, the VITEC department of the URV and INCAVI.

The ALBET I NOYA investment in this project will be 120.000€ whilst that of the of the whole research group could reach half a million euros.
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