Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We end the year with 8 more medals awarded in Navarra

Before closing the year 2010, our cellar will have obtained 5 silver medals and 3 bronze, achieved in the last National Ecological Wine competition in Estella, Navarra. On this occasion the silver medal awarded wines were: Lignum Blanc 09, Tempranillo Clàssic 09, Syrah Col·lecció 07, Reserva Martí 06 and Milana 06.

And bronze, Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva, Brut Petit Albet and Lignum Negre (Red) 08. These 8 medals in the same competition are a clear indication of the high level of quality with which Albet i Noya makes all of its wines and, according to Josep M.Albet, this is due to: " the continuous work we do in revitalising the land and the old vines can be appreciated in all the wines, excellent work is also being carried out in the cellar, extracting fine fruits and searching for elegant wines, but undoubtedly the fantastic lands at Costers d’Ordal are what give us most quality, especially in concentration and minerals. "Our cellar, with a large difference, obtained more distinctions that any other (the only one to get more than two medals) in the VI edition of this competition, which was even more difficult this year as the competition rules meant that the number of awarded wines could not exceed 30.

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