Monday, April 18, 2011

Jay Miller visits Albet i Noya

Jay Miller, the Robert Parker Spanish wine critic, comes to Penedès.

Taking advantage of his stay in the region to taste wines and cavas in situ, Miller came to our cellars to get to know the estate better and the different wines and cavas that we make here.

Josep Maria Albet welcomed him and they visited the vineyards and extensively tasted the various products that can be found in the North American market and the experimental varieties that are only produced by Albet i Noya.

Miller’s visit was organised by Incavi (Catalan Wine Institute)), with the aim of getting to know Catalan wines and their denominations of origin in the territory itself. Pancho Campo, the State’s First Master of Wine was in charge of coordinating the visit and accompanying the famous writer of Wine Advocate.

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