Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dry stone wall-making course

On the 12th and 13th of December our cellar organises in the Can Milá de la Roca estate, in Lavern (Subirats), a short, intensive, 16 hour course limited to 20 people, given by two Majorcan professionals, on how to learn to make dry stone walls.

The area of "Costers del Ordal", where Albet i Noya has most of its vineyards, is one of the most abrupt vine regions and one with the most dry stone walls in Catalonia, which, through the years, have become deteriorated due to abandonment and because they haven’t been properly maintained.

The dry stone wall maker trade has nearly been lost in our region and the techniques on how to make dry stone walls have been forgotten.

In order to recuperate this heritage, Albet i Noya has decided to bring two wall makers from the Majorcan school, which is one of the schools that has made more contributions to recuperating and dignifying this work.

The unequalled landscape of "Costers del Ordal", with its characteristic terraces of dry stone alternating with terraces of vines and forest, cutting out the upward slopes towards the Ordal summits, which are the natural Penedès frontier with Barcelona to the south.

According to Josep M. Albet, technical director of the cellar "learning the building techniques with dry stone is the first step in recuperating an historic heritage that forms part of a landscape that is carstic and hard, but unequalled, and in the future could become considered as world heritage by UNESCO ".

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