Monday, December 12, 2011

Ecoracimos grants the highest distinction to Reserva Martí

The Reserva Martí has received the special award in the latest edition of the Cata-Concurso Internacional de Vinos Ecológicos Ecoracimos 2011, ( Competition for ecological wines) as well as a gold medal.

The first reserve wine and coupage from the estate has received a score of 96.4 , which means a Ecoracimos gold and also the highest recognition given by the Cordoba County Council.

The tasting that was held in the Castle of the Gran Capitán en Montilla, was presided by a specialised jury made up of Spanish wine tasters and others from other Community countries like France, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

In the XII edition 5 cellars have been awarded with gold Medals and a total of 98 have competed coming from nearly all of the Peninsula, from Valencia 22%, Navarra 19%, Andalusia 12%, Catalonia 11%, Castilla y la Mancha 11%, La Rioja 8%, Balearic Islands 6%, Aragón 4%, Basque Country 2% and Extremadura 1%. There were also samples from French regions.

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