Monday, December 12, 2011

Nicolas Joly and J.M Albet meet again in Penedès

On the 7th of November there was a bio-dynamic viticulture day in Penedés that was run by the great maestro in this speciality, Nicolas Joly, and Josep Maria Albet attended, in the front row, to meet up with him again and share opinions.

A total of 60 viticulturists attended, the majority from Penedés, who were very interested in the explanations and talks given by Nicolas Joly, as an outstanding figure in this subject and a pioneer in this way of working the vines and elaborating wines. His vineyards in Loira, cultivated under this technique since 1980, produce the well-known wine called "Clos de la Coule du Serrat".

The order of the day was divided into 4 sessions, in which they spoke about the effect of bio-dynamics in rediscovering the vine as a living being and transmitter of the homeland values of the wines, and about the influence of the celestial bodies in the solar system in connection with the different conditions of the vine and the work to be carried out.

Albet i Noya has been applying this technique for three years now in the vineyard El Fanio, within the Can Milá de la Roca estate, cultivated since 2004 by the Albet i Noya brothers. In this vineyard the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Garnacha Blanca, the Vidal and especially the Xarel•lo are cultivated and worked according to the different practices of bio-dynamics, to try out these techniques from the scientific angle and to be able to understand and explain these techniques in the future to those who want to learn from up-to-date concepts.

The next day Josep Maria Albet went with Nicolas Joly to the Montserrat monastery as the French expert was very curious about visiting this place and the sacred mountain, considering to be an interesting energy point, one of the few in the world, which makes it especially important for the bio-dynamics that work with subtle energies.

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