Friday, July 20, 2012

Double gold...

El Fanio 2010 and Syrah Col•lecció 2008 were awarded gold medals at the 2012 DO Penedès Competition.
At the end of May a tasting session was organised with the 7 winning wines from the Monvínic (Barcelona) competition. An event that positioned the high quality of the wines from the Penedès region and its differentiation. The tasting was lead by the sommelier Meritxell Falgueras, who highlighted the freshness of the white and citric fruit of the El Fanio 2008 and the chromatic intensity, the good tears and the fantastic evolution in the bottle of the Syrah Col•lecció 2008.
Here you have a link to the article published by El Periódico’s Gourmet’s supplement and the video of the tasting so that you can follow the comments on each wine.

Biodivine Life+2009 Project

We are taking part in the Biodivine Life+2009 project, whose aim is to demonstrate that the increase in micro-fauna and micro-flora biodiversity in wine-making lands reduces the pressure of endemic vine diseases like Mildew, Oidium , ... The Penedès and another six wine regions (Limoux, Saint-Emilion, Costières de Nîmes, Bourgogne, La Grajera and Alto Duero) have been chosen as the places for these demonstration studies.

The majority of the control and demonstrative actions that are carried out refer to structural landscape changes and harvesting practices: the introduction of diversified vegetable coverings, the creation of green strips in the landscape, stone-wall and other elements management and the use of pheromones to create sexual confusion amongst insect plagues, are some of the actions promoted by the project in order to reach its objective. We are pioneers and a clear example through our 34 years applying ecological cultivation to all of our vineyards (using all the described techniques), with the recuperation of technician in dry stone in two courses and the reconstruction of walls with this technique in Costers d'Ordal.

The importance of the project has meant that six partners from three EU states have become directly involved: The French Institute of the Vigne et du vin (IFV), Vitinnov, The Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), the Barcelona City Council, The Association for Viticultural Development in the Douro Valley (ADVID) and Euroquality.
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