Monday, November 12, 2012

NOSODOS +, two new Penedès wines elaborated and bottled without adding sulphites ... the most natural ones in our cellar

Firstly, NOSODOS + Xarel.lo 2012, a youngPenedès wine, fresh and expressive, made with theXarel.lo variety. It comes from a small vineyard planted over 12 years ago in one of the most interesting areas inCosters del Ordal. The estate is made up of three terraces at 400m above sea level with extremely calcareous soil that brings out the best in the Xarel.lo variety, offering freshness and a great concentration of white and citric fruit aromas.

Its partner, the sparkling Brut Natural from the 2011 vintage, which has the same name as the wine, NOSODOS +, is made with a 100% Xarel.lowine base and, following the traditional method, after the second fermentation in the bottle, it ages with its lees for one year.In this case the Xarel.locomes from the Can Milà de la Roca estate, which is also located inCosters del Ordal region. This vineyard, one of the most beautiful on the estate given the layout of its terraces, is ideal for extracting a high quality wine with a great aromatic concentration thanks to its low output, its chalky soil that is poor in organic material and the application of biodynamic cultivation techniques.

This elegant and seductive sparkling wine from Penedès.The bubble is delicate and persistent, letting us enjoy a wide range of ripe white fruits with a perfect balance between acidic freshness and a very complex subtleness in the mouth.

Once again we have chosen the top variety amongst the Penedès whites, the Xarel.lo. Our passion to transmit all that typifies thePenedès region means that this variety is a must when elaborating our wines.

Achieving two great whites, made without adding sulphites, is not just a case of working the vineyard ecologically and having harvested and chosen the grapes by hand before starting the wine-making process.It is also essential to work carefully throughout the whole elaboration process, maintaining high levels of hygiene and asepsis in order to avoid any possible contact with the air and therefore avoid quick oxidisation.

The fact that they are natural and, in order to enjoy their maximum expression, we recommend consuming this wine within six months after it has been bottled, whilst the sparkling wine will offer its maximum splendour during the six months after disgorging.
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