Friday, December 13, 2013

Success at the Millésime BIO 2014 competition

This year, at the Millésime Bio 2014 competition in Montpellier, we have won 10 medals from the 17 given to Catalan wines.

These are the winning wines :
GOLD MEDAL : Reserva Martí 2007, La Milana 2009 and Dolç Adrià 2007
SILVER MEDAL : Chardonnay Col·lecció 2012, Brut Reserva and Brut 21 barrica 2007
BRONZE MEDAL : Belat 2008, Syrah Col·lecció 2009, El Fanio 2012 and Nosodos + Brut Natural 2012

This competition is part of the fair with the same name that we will also attended. It will be held on the 27th , 28th and 29th of January in Montpellier and this is where the official prizes that have just been made public will be awarded.

The Millésime Bio fair was created in 1993 by a group of ecological wine growers from Languedoc- Roselló, in the south of France, and it has become a worldwide benchmark fair for ecological wines with over 800 exhibiting cellars attending and making the competition one of the most important on a worldwide scale in evaluating ecological wines.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I edition of the 2013 Vinari Awards: gold and bronze for Albet i Noya and Mas Igneus

This has been the first edition of the Vinari Awards and we have merited three prizes.
One Gold Vinari for the best aged red for Costers de l'Ermita 2011 by Mas Igneus , and a Bronze Vinari for Mas Igneus FA112 2011 and Brut 21 Barrica Gran Reserva 2007.

The awards ceremony was held just last Friday in the Vilafranca del Penedès Auditorium. It was a very emotional awards ceremony as this has been the first edition of a competition that started out with the aim of recognising the high quality of Catalan wines. The Auditorium was full to the brim and just after the awards ceremony the attendees had a chance to taste all the winning wines.

Over 700 references from the 12 Catalan Denominations of Origin entered the competition. All of them were tasted and judged by a team of 49 sector professionals who decided to give awards to 155 wines from amongst all the references.
These 155 winners were very well spread out, which only highlights the quality of the Catalan wine producing areas and the professionalism that exists in the sector.

Friday, September 13, 2013

All of us with the Via Catalana.

Yesterday was a historic day!
From Albet y Noya we helped out with the organisation of the Via Catalana and we took nearly twenty coach-loads of people from Sant Quirze del Vallés into the cellar.

We were all ready right from early morning. Some of us making visits with those who came for the day nearby their stretch of the route and others organising the parking spaces for the 18 coaches that started arriving at 1,30pm. They were empty on arrival. They had just left over one thousand people in Sant Pau d'Ordal.

Our surroundings were transformed ... streams of people walking towards the N-340 to take up position in their stretch of the route, Catalan flags for independence everywhere, a yellow that stood out against all the other colours, entire families, friends, ... There was a really impressive festive mood!

In the afternoon, once the human chain event broke up, the stream of people came back again. But this time towards Albet i Noya where their coaches awaited them to take them home.

As they came into our home we welcomed them with catanias (typical regional chocolate bonbons). Nothing better than to take a piece of Penedès gastronomic culture with you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Penedès Wines + Jazz: a consolidated pairing

Last weekend, the 7th edition of the VIJAZZ festival was held in Vilafranca del Penedès.

The temperature was high, typical summertime ... but this fact didn’t stop the public attending, a public that was motivated and curious to taste the Penedès wines and listen to internationally renowned jazz music.

Over 45.000 people strolled through the streets of the city during these three days and a total of 64.000 glasses of wine were served.

As usual, we were also present during the event. We served 1.866 glasses and the public got to know about our wines first hand. The whites and rosés were the stars given the summer atmosphere.
Fanio 2011, winner of the Xarel·los del Penedès competition this year, Lignum Blanc 2011 and Pinot Noir/Merlot Clàssic 2012, which were also awarded a diploma of excellence in the D.O.Penedès Quality Wine Competition, were the most tasted ones.

We would like to thank all of our friends who came to get to know us and taste our wines!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Success at the Vinum Nature fair, the first fair for ecological wines in Catalonia

The Vinum Nature fair was held in Barcelona yesterday, the first fair in Catalonia dedicated to ecological, natural and biodynamic wines.

We couldn’t miss it. We exhibited our wines and witnessed an enthusiastic public that showed much interest and curiosity about the elaboration of these wines and the differences that exist between them and conventional ones.
The interest wasn’t just shown by the professional sector, but also by the end consumers who want, more and more so, to be informed and to know about this category of wines that is setting trends.

Ecological mentalities, “green” thinking and respect for the environment are the worries that move this group of producers and consumers.

Catalonia is the leader regarding the number of hectares of ecological vines in the Spanish state and has over 100 producers of ecological wines.

A large number are growing and we hope that continues.

Monday, May 06, 2013

El Fanio 2011 by Albet i Noya, winner of the Xarel·los del Penedès Competition

 El Fanio 2011 was the winner of the Xarel·los del Penedès Competition that took place last week in Sant Pere Molanta.

Eighteen examples of xarel·lo were presented in this 6th edition organised by L'Aula de la Vinya i el Vi.

After a first blind tasting of the eighteen samples, eight went through to the final, where the verdict was given.

The highest score went to the Fanio 2011, by Albet i Noya, which the attendees enjoyed thanks to its subtleness and elegance. The second place went to Desig 2011 by Mas Candí, following a fresher line that stood out for its ripe fruit aromas and contrasted with the third placed, Nun Vinya dels Taus 2011, by Enric Soler, much more powerful and marked by its wood aging. Three very different examples of xarel·lo, but all of an exceptional quality.

The Aula de la Vinya i el Vi is becoming a reference in the Penedès. It is the first independent tasting centre in Catalonia and has been run by Raimon Sadurní since 1996, offering an integral vision of the world of wines.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The IV dry stone wall Course has just finished

Just yesterday the IV dry stone wall Course that we organise from the cellar finalised.

The two specialists who came from Mallorca, Pep Sastre Sardà and Jaume Ferrer Payer, were the teachers for a dozen attendees who came to learn the technique for this construction which is so widespread in Mallorca. The classes took place in the El Fanio estate, in Sant Pau d'Ordal, one of the oldest vineyards we have and where remains of these walls still exist.

The construction of these walls has many advantages. Not only are they built to optimize cultivation space and help feasibility, they also avoid a large part of land erosion and landslides after heavy rainfalls. The fact that cement is not used means that water can drain away naturally through the stones and, therefore, it does not accumulate in the crop land or force pressure against it. Apart from these obvious advantages, we want to keep this very nice, artisan tradition alive in our countryside.

Within a few months we will organise a second level course for those who participated in the first one and/or others who want to learn more. If you would like to participate you can now contact us and we will send you the information once we have the new dates. / tel. 93 899 48 12

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Come and visit us on a burricleta( electric bike)! A 100% sustainable proposal

Just yesterday, the circular route from Vilafranca del Penedès to our cellar was inaugurated.
This proposal reflects the will to offer our customers and visitors to the Penedès a new way to carry out wine tourism by respecting nature, doing gentle sport and starting the visit from the vineyard.
In this way visitors arrive relaxed, with no rush, at their own rhythm, integrated with nature and with inner peace.

The route is designed for groups, families or couples who want to spend a day in the Penedès in a 100% sustainable way: they can get to Vilafranca by public transport and take the route on a burricleta from Vilafranca to our cellar amongst the vines, where they can enjoy great views and taste wines. They can have a picnic along the way or in a restaurant and pedal back to Vilafranca through a new route.

The proposal follows our philosophy, where we respect and love nature and the environment ... The increase in the demand for ecological and sustainable leisure activities has been the reason we have looked for new formulas, to satisfy those visitors who are looking for something different, original and experimental.

The burricleta has a GPS with audio-guide so that the group can go off alone, without getting lost, setting their own pace. At some strategic points along the route we can hear about the places we are at and get some cultural knowledge about the area. An entire experience amongst the vines!

Here is a link so you can book your route:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The wine producing group of INNOVI meets at Albet i Noya

On the 12th of February some meetings were held at Albet i Noya for the wine producing group of INNOVI, the Catalan Cluster, which promotes competitiveness for companies in this sector through R+D+I.

At this meeting there were partners from INNOVI, representatives from various cellars and entities: Albet i Noya, as leader of the wine producing group and, this time, the host, Gramona, Juvé y Camps, Sumarroca, Bodega Josep Piñol, the ACV, the ADV San Lorenzo, the INCAVI, DO Priorat, CEICS, Rovira i Virgili University, the URV Foundation, the IRTA, DO Penedès, IDOM, and INNOVI.

Following the goals of the Catalan cluster, during the meeting we worked on various projects that are being carried out like the Catalan vineyard Pruning School, the trials on grape varieties that are resistant to fungus, the creation of autochthonous varieties that are resistant to fungus, etc, and a presentation was also made about the IRTA work options and the soft and hard for VITIC vine field logs.

From INNOVI they also promote scientific and technical know-how interchanges between university researchers and other centres, the planning of development strategies for the future of the sector, the relations with other region leaders, cooperation interchanges, and with the organization of these meetings consolidating the way towards the innovation and the future of the sector.

The meeting closed with the tasting of five wines with resistant varieties (PIWI) from France and Germany, which surprised those attending for their quality and the confirmation that the trials on these varieties are going in the right direction and the creation of varieties in this line will not make the Catalan cellar lose competitiveness.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Two GOLD medals for the Reserva Martí and the Xarel.lo Clàssic

One of the most important international competitions in the world, the Mundus Vini Biofach, has just recognised the high standards of our wines and sparkling wines and has awarded us with 2 gold medals and 3 silver ones.

The gold medals have gone to Reserva Martí 2008 and Xarel.lo Clásico 2012, two of the cellar’s icons thanks to their track record and to the prizes that have given us so much enjoyment. The silver medals went to La Milana 2006, Lignum Negre 2010 and the sparkling Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2009.

This Grand Prix has been held in Germany since 2001. The success and credibility of this competition is a fact, and the participating number of wines and countries has grown year after year. In the last one, in 2012, over 6.000 wines were presented from over 40 different countries and over 250 judges were required to evaluate each and every sample.

This year the quality of Catalan wines in general has been demonstrated as, and bearing in mind that medals can only be awarded to 30% of the wines presented, 9 medals went to Catalan wines, of which 6 were from the Penedès , the most highly awarded DO in the country.

This recognition gives us great pleasure and the optimism to continue our labour, with the elaboration of ecological wines and sparkling wines and with the philosophy of continuing to innovate, research and show maximum respect towards the environment.

Monday, January 07, 2013

We have collected a record solidarity amount for the TV3 Marathon and for Clowns without Frontiers

This year we have achieved a record figure in the money collected which, like every year, we dedicate to some of the most supportive causes in our country:

On one hand, we have obtained € 1.872 for the TV3 Marathon, one of the most supportive, relevant and consolidated events in Catalonia that will donate this year’s collection to the fight against cancer.

And on the other hand, we have assigned 1.500 € for Clowns without Frontiers, a non-profit making entity founded in 1993 that tries to improve the emotional situation of children who suffer in wars or natural disasters through comedy performances where the actors are clowns .

In order to collect this money many activities were organized in the cellar during the week of the 10th to 16th of December. Activities that were very participative and dynamic like, for example, wine tasting straight from the barrel and the stainless steel deposits. An experience in which the tasters discovered a very different way of tasting wine and had the chance to try wines during the elaboration process.

More traditional visits were also offered in which, during the trip around the cellar, the visitors were shown the tasks carried out in the vineyard, the wine elaboration process, basic notions of wine-tasting, etc.
Thanks to visitor participation and the resources that we normally assign to Christmas gifts, a very good “solidarity figure” was achieved": € 3.372

We would like to thank our friends, clients and suppliers for taking part and achieving this record. Many thanks to all of you!
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