Monday, January 07, 2013

We have collected a record solidarity amount for the TV3 Marathon and for Clowns without Frontiers

This year we have achieved a record figure in the money collected which, like every year, we dedicate to some of the most supportive causes in our country:

On one hand, we have obtained € 1.872 for the TV3 Marathon, one of the most supportive, relevant and consolidated events in Catalonia that will donate this year’s collection to the fight against cancer.

And on the other hand, we have assigned 1.500 € for Clowns without Frontiers, a non-profit making entity founded in 1993 that tries to improve the emotional situation of children who suffer in wars or natural disasters through comedy performances where the actors are clowns .

In order to collect this money many activities were organized in the cellar during the week of the 10th to 16th of December. Activities that were very participative and dynamic like, for example, wine tasting straight from the barrel and the stainless steel deposits. An experience in which the tasters discovered a very different way of tasting wine and had the chance to try wines during the elaboration process.

More traditional visits were also offered in which, during the trip around the cellar, the visitors were shown the tasks carried out in the vineyard, the wine elaboration process, basic notions of wine-tasting, etc.
Thanks to visitor participation and the resources that we normally assign to Christmas gifts, a very good “solidarity figure” was achieved": € 3.372

We would like to thank our friends, clients and suppliers for taking part and achieving this record. Many thanks to all of you!
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