Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The wine producing group of INNOVI meets at Albet i Noya

On the 12th of February some meetings were held at Albet i Noya for the wine producing group of INNOVI, the Catalan Cluster, which promotes competitiveness for companies in this sector through R+D+I.

At this meeting there were partners from INNOVI, representatives from various cellars and entities: Albet i Noya, as leader of the wine producing group and, this time, the host, Gramona, Juvé y Camps, Sumarroca, Bodega Josep Piñol, the ACV, the ADV San Lorenzo, the INCAVI, DO Priorat, CEICS, Rovira i Virgili University, the URV Foundation, the IRTA, DO Penedès, IDOM, and INNOVI.

Following the goals of the Catalan cluster, during the meeting we worked on various projects that are being carried out like the Catalan vineyard Pruning School, the trials on grape varieties that are resistant to fungus, the creation of autochthonous varieties that are resistant to fungus, etc, and a presentation was also made about the IRTA work options and the soft and hard for VITIC vine field logs.

From INNOVI they also promote scientific and technical know-how interchanges between university researchers and other centres, the planning of development strategies for the future of the sector, the relations with other region leaders, cooperation interchanges, and with the organization of these meetings consolidating the way towards the innovation and the future of the sector.

The meeting closed with the tasting of five wines with resistant varieties (PIWI) from France and Germany, which surprised those attending for their quality and the confirmation that the trials on these varieties are going in the right direction and the creation of varieties in this line will not make the Catalan cellar lose competitiveness.
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