Thursday, April 18, 2013

The IV dry stone wall Course has just finished

Just yesterday the IV dry stone wall Course that we organise from the cellar finalised.

The two specialists who came from Mallorca, Pep Sastre SardĂ  and Jaume Ferrer Payer, were the teachers for a dozen attendees who came to learn the technique for this construction which is so widespread in Mallorca. The classes took place in the El Fanio estate, in Sant Pau d'Ordal, one of the oldest vineyards we have and where remains of these walls still exist.

The construction of these walls has many advantages. Not only are they built to optimize cultivation space and help feasibility, they also avoid a large part of land erosion and landslides after heavy rainfalls. The fact that cement is not used means that water can drain away naturally through the stones and, therefore, it does not accumulate in the crop land or force pressure against it. Apart from these obvious advantages, we want to keep this very nice, artisan tradition alive in our countryside.

Within a few months we will organise a second level course for those who participated in the first one and/or others who want to learn more. If you would like to participate you can now contact us and we will send you the information once we have the new dates. / tel. 93 899 48 12
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