Thursday, May 16, 2013

Success at the Vinum Nature fair, the first fair for ecological wines in Catalonia

The Vinum Nature fair was held in Barcelona yesterday, the first fair in Catalonia dedicated to ecological, natural and biodynamic wines.

We couldn’t miss it. We exhibited our wines and witnessed an enthusiastic public that showed much interest and curiosity about the elaboration of these wines and the differences that exist between them and conventional ones.
The interest wasn’t just shown by the professional sector, but also by the end consumers who want, more and more so, to be informed and to know about this category of wines that is setting trends.

Ecological mentalities, “green” thinking and respect for the environment are the worries that move this group of producers and consumers.

Catalonia is the leader regarding the number of hectares of ecological vines in the Spanish state and has over 100 producers of ecological wines.

A large number are growing and we hope that continues.
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