Friday, September 13, 2013

All of us with the Via Catalana.

Yesterday was a historic day!
From Albet y Noya we helped out with the organisation of the Via Catalana and we took nearly twenty coach-loads of people from Sant Quirze del Vallés into the cellar.

We were all ready right from early morning. Some of us making visits with those who came for the day nearby their stretch of the route and others organising the parking spaces for the 18 coaches that started arriving at 1,30pm. They were empty on arrival. They had just left over one thousand people in Sant Pau d'Ordal.

Our surroundings were transformed ... streams of people walking towards the N-340 to take up position in their stretch of the route, Catalan flags for independence everywhere, a yellow that stood out against all the other colours, entire families, friends, ... There was a really impressive festive mood!

In the afternoon, once the human chain event broke up, the stream of people came back again. But this time towards Albet i Noya where their coaches awaited them to take them home.

As they came into our home we welcomed them with catanias (typical regional chocolate bonbons). Nothing better than to take a piece of Penedès gastronomic culture with you.

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