Monday, December 22, 2014

La Milana and Xarel·lo Nosodos+ 2013 awarded medals in the 2015 Millesime Bio competition

A few weeks ago the results were published for the French competition Millesime Bio 2015, a competition that is now in its 8th edition that acknowledges the best world-wide ecological wines. 

The competition is held at the end of November in the south of France, in Montpellier, and the results for the awarded wines are given in the fair that has the same name as the competition, which will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th of January 2015 in Montpellier. 

1.250 wines have been presented and evaluated in total, of which 374 have been awarded a medal. Specifically, 85 wines have been awarded gold medals, 171 silver and 118 bronze. 

Two of our wines have been awarded; the red La Milana 2011 with a gold medal and Xarel·lo Nosodos+ 2013 with a bronze medal. La Milana has been the only red wine, from amongst the Catalan designations of origin represented here and that have been awarded medals for some of their wines, that has been worthy of a gold medal. Therefore, the competition positions it as the best Catalan red wine from amongst all the wines presented here. 

We would also highlight the bronze medal awarded to the Xarel·lo Nosodos+ 2013 white wine, given the fact that it has achieved this good result being a wine that is produced without using added preservatives and antioxidants, simply following a careful and select line of work in order to maximise and maintain the quality of a great grape like Xarel·lo.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The 2015 Peñin Guide scores 12 Albet i Noya wines with over 90 points

Twelve of our wines have been given scores over 90 points in the 2015 edition of the Peñín Guide. The highest score, 93 points, has been awarded to two red wines: Belat 2009 and Reserva Martí 2008. Both wines got the same score in the guide’s 2014 edition, but from different vintages (Belat 2008 and Reserva Martí 2007).

Regarding the rest of the wines, with 92 points were Chardonnay Col·lecció 2013 and Syrah Col·lecció
2011. Blanc XXV 2013 and El Fanio 2012 also got the same score and, closing the list, we find Clàssic Penedès Brut 21 Barrica 2007.
91 points were awarded to another Clàssic Penedès, Brut 21 2011, along with La Milana 2011, l’Ocell de Foc 2011 and Dolç Adrià 2007. Lastly, and with 90 points, is Marina Rión 2013.

The scores awarded by the Peñín Guide consolidate us as the cellar with the highest number of wines with scores over 90 points in the entire Penedès Designation of Origin.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

We are taking part in the 1st Triodos Company Award, set up by Triodos Bank

The European ethical bank, Triodos Bank, has set up its 1st Triodos Company Award, with the aim of giving recognition to the essential tasks carried out by the companies and in the projects that the bank finances in cultural, social and environmental ambits.

Just like us, 5 other projects have reached the finals of the first edition of this award, coming from different sectors of activity: two are from a social ambit, two are cultural and two are environmental.

The choice of these 6 participants has been made whilst bearing in mind the positive social impact of their activity, their representativeness in the sector and their innovative approach.

Until the 15th of December and through this link,, you can vote for your preferred project after watching a video presentation given by each company, which lasts about a minute and a half.

There will be just one winner and it will be awarded 10.000€ to continue expanding and developing the tasks that it currently carries out in the social, cultural and environmental ambits.

Come on, vote now!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Silver diploma for 'Vinya Laia' in the swiss competition; Wine Awards International

On the 4th of September the awards ceremony for the 21st edition of the Zurich International Wine Awards was held, organised by Expovina, where our red wine 'Vinya Laia' obtained a Silver Diploma, awarded to the wines with 85 points or more. In total 2.259 samples were presented from 21 countries, of which 694 received a diploma. Of these, 5 Gran Gold Diplomas were awarded, 233 wines obtained a Gold Diploma and 456 got a Silver Diploma.

The competition jury was made up of over 150 experts from different areas in the wine sector: oenologists, tasters, restaurant owners, journalists...

'Vinya Laia' is an ecological red wine made with the Merlot, Garnacha, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. From its elaboration, careful and respectful and with 10 months refining in oak barrels, this tasty and well-structured wine is obtained. This wine forms part of our range of wines for export markets.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reserva Martí 2008 obtains a gold medal at Mundus Vini Gmbh 2014

The Albet i Noya cellar has been awarded a Gold Medal for its Reserva Martí 2008 in the Summer edition of the Mundus Vini International Prize held in Neustadt (Germany) between the 27th and 31st of August.

The International Wine Prize is an event organised by the Mundus Vini Academy GmbH and its goal is to foment the quality of wine and to promote the sale of the wines presented, with the quality certification that this competitions supposes, so that they reach a wider public and make them more visible to the end consumer. In this summer edition, over 6000 wines were presented from all over the world and they were tasted and judged by a panel of 160 professional tasters, including oenologist, analysts, sellers, sommeliers, chefs and specialised journalists from 38 different countries.

This year, Reserva Martí 2008 from the Albet i Noya cellar, pioneers in ecological agriculture and wines, got its 5th Gold medal in this event since it started out in 2001, adding it to the other 2 Gold medals obtained in Mundus Vini Biofach editions in the last 2 years (2013 and 2014 editions).

We should not forget that Reserva Martí is a top of the range wine elaborated from the Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah varieties coming from the Albet i Noya estates: Can Vendrell and Can Milà, hand-picked and chosen, which reaches its maximum expression after ageing over 24 months in French oak barrels that give it the aromatic complexity and sophistication that makes Reserva Martí such a special wine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A hedgehog couple and two kestrels now roam around Can Vendrell

This week we have been able to free a hedgehog couple and kestrel birds on the Can Vendrell estate.

Just in July, our friend and specialist in birds and animals in general, Xavier Bayer, gave us the instructions on how to build the den that would be home to the hedgehogs. This sketch helped us to build it.

Firstly, we look for a place away from the wind and where other animals don’t pass by. Then we dig up the ground a little in order to place some Wood with small openings that will act as doors so they can go in and out. On top of this we place branches, leaves and moss until it is well covered and the inside temperature is ideal for the hedgehogs’ home. We won’t see them much as they are nocturnal animals and will only leave the den when nigh falls, but we are sure they will do their work well... they are insectivorous and will contribute to regulating the environment and enriching the biodiversity that surrounds us.

As we were freeing the hedgehogs we also freed a couple of kestrels that had been in a recovery centre getting over an illness or an accident.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Starting the picking to make Clàssic Penedès

After a few days of ripening controls on some of the different grape varieties we have planted, today we have started the picking and we hope this year will be a very good year for the Penedès harvest.

The first grape to be picked this year is the Pinot Noir, harvested at its optimum ripeness to make our Clàssic Penedès Rosé, our sparkling rosé.

We will continue next week with the other varieties as each one of them reaches the right moment to make the different wines. At this point Josep María’s experience and skill comes into play as he is the one who decides the optimum moment for each one of them.

Today, in addition to starting the picking, we also celebrate the fact that a team of TV3 reporters has come to film how the first bunches of grapes to make this Penedès sparkling ecological wine are picked, now known as Clàssic Penedès.

We have the first images right here, at the foot of these letters.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our sparkling wines are now Clàssic Penedès

On the 1st of July the modifications to the standards that govern, as of now, DO Penedès sparkling wines, was approved. 

In the D.O.Penedès Ordinary Plenary Session it was decided that name that the name of the sparkling wines from this denomination of origin would be Clàssic Penedès, a name that was chosen from other options like Quirat, Saüm, etc.

Amongst the standards, it was also specified that it would be obligatory for all Clàssic Penedès wines to be elaborated with grapes coming from ecological agriculture. The elaboration process will be carried out following the traditional method in the bottle and later aging for a minimum period of 15 months. Therefore, all the Clàssic Penedès will be ecological from the 2017 harvest onwards.

This statement makes it the first D.O. that takes one of its different categories as its basis, ecological agriculture, placing emphasis on respecting the environment. From all the current production within DO Penedès, about 55% is done under the ecological production standards and over 1⁄3 of the cellars in Penedès have the ecological seal.

Our sparkling wines are already protected under this definition, maintaining the top quality of the sparkling wines they are characterized by but which are now defined as Clàssic Penedès.

Many of our Clàssic Penedès have already been awarded this year, above all the ones with most vintage, like: Gold for Brut Barrica 21, Reserva 3, from 2007 in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 and also in the 48th Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with time spent in the barrel after 3 years aging in the bottle, which gives it more caramelised and more quince aromas.

With a very fine and elegant bubble. Gold and silver for Brut Nature Reserva 3, 2010, in the Giroví 2014 Competition and the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2014, respectively. In this case the coupage is more traditional with Xarel.lo, Macabeo, Parellada and Chardonnay, and on the nose it acquires, with aging, confectionery aromas. And, not less importantly, the recent Silver Medall for Brut 21 Reserva 2011, obtained at Ecovino 2014. Brut 21 is a coupage elaborated from Chardonnay and Parellada.

We can therefore ensure that Clàssic Penedès wines from our cellar will be greatly accepted for being elaborated with ecological grapes and also for their top quality, which is what we at Albet i Noya constantly work for.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

5 Silver Medals in the Ecoracimos and Ecovino Ecological Wine Competitions

Ecoracimo 2014 (Cordoba ) and Ecovino 2014 ( Rioja ) are the two ecological wine competitions that carry most weight within the Iberian Peninsula, and they have awarded us with a total of 5 silver medals

At the beginning of June the XV edition of the Ecoracimo Competition was held in the Cordoba Regional Council’s central offices. It is the one with most tradition in Spain. A total of 81 reference samples were presented, all aiming to become part of the best ecological wines in the State. And we couldn’t be left out from the winning wines that represent the quality wines made in the Penedès, obtaining two silver medals: Belat 2009 and Syrah 2009. During the event, Mr Francisco Casero Rodríguez, president of Ecovalia, stated that the samples were a clear representation of the quality of the wines made in the near 560 cellars that make wine through ecological agriculture in Spain.

Belat 2009 is a single varietal wine, very special and spicy, made with a variety that has been recovered and re-planted and to which we have given the same name as the wine it produces. This name comes from the fact that the variety was covered by the veil of time, so it was veiled, but the cellar allowed itself the poetic licence of changing the V (Velado, in Catalan velat) to B, and therefore Belat has the same letters as Albet, but in a different order. This wine ages in French oak barrels for between 13 and 16 months to achieve the elegance and complexity that makes it so singular, highlighted by the aromatic notes of pipe tobacco and bay leaf and its freshness and fineness in the mouth.
The Syrah Col·lecció is a wine made from 100% syrah variety, on the nose it is very characteristic of this variety with eucalyptus and minty notes and very fine tannins. This variety reaches its utmost expression in the vineyard we have on the “Can Simon” estate, near the village of Canaletes within the region of “Conca del Río Anoia”. Once elaborated, it is aged in new French oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation takes place, which will give it this smoother and rounder style, in line with the most expressive wines in this variety.

Furthermore, in the V edition of the Ecovino event, which awards the best ecological wines in Spain, we obtained 3 silver medals, for three of the classics, one for the white Xarel·lo Clàssic 2013, another for Pinot Noir-Merlot Clàssic 2013 and the last one for Espumoso del Penedés Brut 21, 2011.

The event took place on the 16th of June in the experimental cellar in DOC Rioja called “La Granjera” and, a later on, on the 19th was an open tasting session of the participating wines. The competition focuses on awarding and promoting the qualities of wines coming from ecological agriculture by analysing, with a of June in the Rioja Cultural Centre in Logroño, there professional jury made up of producers and gastronomy professionals, the samples presented in a blind tasting test in order to make their evaluations and rate the wines, up to a maximum of 100 points, where only the best in each category are awarded. A total of 145 wines from 57 cellars were entered this year, amongst which we would highlight our wines, as Albet i Noya was the most awarded Catalan cellar in this edition of the competition.

The Xarel·lo Clàssic 2013, as its name indicates, one of the classics, is a single varietal that reflects this autochthonous variety from the Penedès, with a very expressive aroma of pear and apple and, on the mouth, it is fresh and fruity and with very good body.

The only rosé wine made in the cellar, Pinot Noir-Merlot Clàssic 2013, obtained the second silver medal, elaborated with varieties indicated by its name, which give it an interesting strawberry colour with aromas that remind us of these red fruits and redcurrants. On the mouth it has body, it is fresh, balanced and fruity sweet.
The Penedès sparkling wine that was awarded a well-deserved silver medal is the Brut 21, 2011, a reserve sparkling made with the Parellada and Chardonnay varieties and, thanks to the aging on its lees, it obtains brioche and lactic aromas, keeping the vivacity of Chardonnay.

As Josep M. Albet i Noya says ,- technical director and co-owner of the cellar – “we must continue learning things every day that will help us to improve our wines and takes us working ways that respect nature and the vineyard and wine ecosystems”.

Friday, April 25, 2014

El Fanio 2012, voted best Xarel·lo in the Penedès

At the 48th DO Penedès Wine Competition we were awarded three gold medals and a Diploma of Excellence.

El Fanio 2012 was awarded the Gold medal in the Xarel·lo category, making it the best Xarel·lo in the DO Penedès. This year the organisers added a new category exclusively for wines made of Xarel·lo to further consolidate and promote the flagship variety of the Penedès.

We were also awarded Gold medals for the Pinot Noir/Merlot Clàssic and for the Brut Barrica 21 as well as a Diploma of Excellence for the Brut Nature Reserva 3.

The DO Penedes Competition is organised by the Academia Tastavins del Penedès, with technical support from the DO Penedès. It is one of the oldest competitions in Catalunya and Spain, and awards wines produced in the DO Penedès. Wines are tasted blind by a jury of sommeliers, journalists, winemakers and restauranteurs. 130 wines from 60 producers were presented this year.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's go a bit further: Biodivine Project

Biodivine is a Life + 2009 project that deals with managing biodiversity in vine-growing lands. This project was started in 2010 and forecast to finish in 2014 and its main aim is to demonstrate the benefits offered by functional biological diversity.

At Albet i Noya we couldn’t miss out on being involved in a project with an environmental focus that tries to improve the amount and quality of the elements remaining in the fields, following the guidelines that this implies and helping to improve habitats. To contribute, in this way, to nature conservation and also to environmental quality, promoting the aesthetic values of our marvellous landscape which, in our case, surrounds us in the middle of Subirats, amongst the Costers del Ordal mountains.

Therefore, believing in this instrument, we got involved in this project with the intention of improving whatever was within our reach. We have therefore worked very hard along several lines: in many steep sloping vineyards we have planted different species of trees like holm-oaks, pines and oaks in the upper parts and oleander in the lower parts. In places where the slopes are less inclined and not very high, we have planted arbutus (also known as the “strawberry tree”). More recently, on a very steep slope, we have planted more than 7 different autochthonous species of trees and bushes (junipers, pomegranates, ...) all with the intention of steadying the soil and providing a habitat and food for various species of animals and insects.

In line with this idea, we use sexual confusion throughout the estates in order to treat the insects’ affectation in the most natural way possible. 

dditionally, for greater soil sustainability and to favour conservation due to erosion, we have vegetal ground covers throughout the vineyards for 6 months of the year and during the remaining 6 months, a ⅓ of the plots remain covered. These are sometimes spontaneous cases but mostly they are strewn with various leguminous species that naturally fix nitrogen from the air and never contaminate the water tables, nourishing the plants and soil microorganisms.

And finally, and with the aim of conserving what we consider to be a Mediterranean and traditionally vine-growing land, we already have a total of 4.018 metres of dry-stone walls, which we have recovered over the last four years. We have built some and we have also made new ones by organising 6 two-day courses every year. These courses have been carried out to show the local people how to restore and build with the dry-stone technique, these terraces that shape the vineyards landscapes of the Ordal hillside on terraces that we hope will one day be considered to be World Heritage by the UNESCO . These ancestral dry-stone constructions also mean improving on our forefathers’ legacy, and habitat for many animals like lizards, wall lizards, crickets, spiders, worms, snails, ...

We will therefore continue pushing forward trying to fight in the way that most suits conservation and environmental improvement.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Gold for Reserva Martí in the Vinalies Internationale Competition

Reserva Martí 2007 wins the gold medal at the prestigious Vinalies Internationale 2014 competition in Paris. 

This wine has been elaborated through the careful selection of the best grapes from the different estates around Can Vendrell. Hand-picked and selected once again on the selection table for each one of the varieties that make up this complex coupage, are the main factors in this result.

Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot and Syrah and 24 months aging in French oak barrels and a period of aging in the bottle, make this wine from the 2007 harvest a great gem, complex in aromas, silky and elegant.

After accumulating 31 gold medals throughout this wine’s trajectory, this latest acknowledgement confirms its quality and distinction in an ever more complex international market.

The Vinalies Internationale competition, which was held in Paris this month of March, is organised and run by the French Union of Oenologists. The jury, made up of sector professionals, has tested over 3.500 samples coming from all over the world. Specifically, from 40 different countries.

This competition is now one of the most internationally consolidated and over twenty annual editions have already been held.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Reserva Martí reaches 30 Gold medals (1 platinum)

12 international competitions (Germany, Catalonia, France, Spain, Switzerland and Austria) have awarded our icon wine, Reserva Martí, with Gold medals over the last 10 years and it has now accumulated a total of twenty-nine Gold plus one Platinum.

The last competition in which it has been given this recognition was two-fold, specifically in the “Mundus Vinus-Biofach International Competition", which has awarded Reserva Martí with a gold medal for the 2007 vintage and another for the 2008.

Amongst the most awarded vintages of Reserva Martí the 2004 stands out with 13 medals (1 platinum, 9 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze ) and the 2007,which is now on sale, with 12 medals (6 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze)

For the 2007 vintage, which we can still find in shops and restaurants, we should add the favourable score obtained in the “2014 Guide to Catalan Wines” with 9,15 points out of 10 and the “2014 Peñín Guide” with 93 points out of 100.

Reserva Martí, as you know, is also well-known for its label design, a little minimalist, that symbolises the first coupage wine made in the cellar, with “Martí’s” hands, Josep M. Albert’s son, , with the original picture extracted from the youngster’s work when he was in P-3.

Clear homage to the future generations with our most exceptional wine. The coupage is always made with the autochthonous variety, Tempranillo, as the base, accompanied by Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.

The grape is carefully selected in the vineyard where a whole plot is never picked, just some parts of each one, which are the ones that maintain the perfect equilibrium between vegetation and production and which, precisely for this reason, are the ones that ripen at their optimum moment. The picking is always by hand, in small boxes and later, in the cellar, the grapes go to the selection table where 14 people choose the best grapes one by one and they are then fermented in the vats.

The 24 month refining process in French oak barrels gives it aromatic complexity, silkiness and elegance that can be discerned in the mouth.

Reserva Martí is undoubtedly a wine with personality and we, the 27 people working in the vineyard, the cellar and the cellar house, are very proud of it.

If you still haven’t tried our 2007 vintage, you should before it finishes.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Albet i Noya, a cellar that is already well known for being a pioneer in ecological wines in Catalonia and throughout Spain, has a wine producing tradition that goes back four generations and has vast experience with over 36 years producing ecological wines.
In line with its philosophy of respecting the environment, at the beginning of 2013 it contracted an “Energy Accounting” service through the Macbrabant company.

The contracted service consisted of monitoring electricity consumption through different meters. In this way we detect the real power used in each area and at all times. The active and reactive energy consumptions and therefore be able to detect anomalous consumption.

By checking that the invoicing was right, we could optimise the contract with the supplying company. Once the necessary changes were made, the electricity consumption saving only in the second quarter of 2013, in comparison to the same period in 2012, was 14%.
Later on, and from the information registered about the day to day power demand, we could adjust the contracted power downwards, a fact that has already turned into additional savings and an important reduction in CO2 emissions for this concept.

Albet i Noya will continue controlling the energy consumption in order to manage it better and optimise it through the implementation of “Good environmental practices ” and continue advancing in energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jancis Robinson highlights our trajectory

Jancis Robinson, the British journalist and publisher of books related to the world of wine, has recently published an article about our cellar.

She highlights Albet i Noya as one of the most innovative wine producers in the Penedès area and explains why we have left the DO Cava. She talks about it within the framework of this new situation that has been created inside the Penedès and, not only does she list the cellars that have made the same change, but she also explains the main reason. The bad image that cava is projecting abroad is incompatible with the cellars that produce quality sparkling wines.

She also stresses the work we have been carrying out since 1998 in our old variety recuperation project and that these show very high resistance to fungal diseases.

It is always gratifying that from abroad, and, above all, through the voice of someone with such international prestige like Jancis Robinson, the good results from years of dedication, innovation and effort are commented on so positively. 

Here is the link to the article:

Friday, February 14, 2014

3 gold medals in the Mundus Vini BIO-FACH 2014 competition

In the Mundus Vini Bio- FACH 2014 international competition, - now in its 5th edition- ,we have been awarded with 3 gold medals for the wines : Reserva Martí 2007, a complex and sophisticated red wine , well-structured in the mouth , La Milana 2009, a well-expressed and harmonious estate wine, and also for the most easy-going and mature , Lignum Negre 2011.

This event is organised by the German academy Mundus Vini within the framework of the spectacular ecological products fair, BIO FACH . This is held annually in Nuremberg and it is aimed at promoting quality ecological wines and their commercialisation. It has therefore become, year after year, in the world reference point for the ecological wine sector as it is publicised through the fair itself and the publications by the acknowledged publisher, Meininger .

The event took place on the 10th and 11th of December, a jury of professionals made up of 50 members including oenologists, producers, distributors, sommeliers and journalists from 15 countries tasted the wines in order to make their evaluations. In this last edition over 600 ecological wines were evaluated, according to category, origin, quality , order to award just the best wines with Superior Gold, Gold and Silver medals . A total of 6 Superior Gold medals, 118 Gold medals and 123 Silver medals were awarded.

Fantastic news that encourages us to continue working with resolve and persistence in order to continue obtaining great quality wines.
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