Friday, February 14, 2014

3 gold medals in the Mundus Vini BIO-FACH 2014 competition

In the Mundus Vini Bio- FACH 2014 international competition, - now in its 5th edition- ,we have been awarded with 3 gold medals for the wines : Reserva MartĂ­ 2007, a complex and sophisticated red wine , well-structured in the mouth , La Milana 2009, a well-expressed and harmonious estate wine, and also for the most easy-going and mature , Lignum Negre 2011.

This event is organised by the German academy Mundus Vini within the framework of the spectacular ecological products fair, BIO FACH . This is held annually in Nuremberg and it is aimed at promoting quality ecological wines and their commercialisation. It has therefore become, year after year, in the world reference point for the ecological wine sector as it is publicised through the fair itself and the publications by the acknowledged publisher, Meininger .

The event took place on the 10th and 11th of December, a jury of professionals made up of 50 members including oenologists, producers, distributors, sommeliers and journalists from 15 countries tasted the wines in order to make their evaluations. In this last edition over 600 ecological wines were evaluated, according to category, origin, quality , order to award just the best wines with Superior Gold, Gold and Silver medals . A total of 6 Superior Gold medals, 118 Gold medals and 123 Silver medals were awarded.

Fantastic news that encourages us to continue working with resolve and persistence in order to continue obtaining great quality wines.
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