Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jancis Robinson highlights our trajectory

Jancis Robinson, the British journalist and publisher of books related to the world of wine, has recently published an article about our cellar.

She highlights Albet i Noya as one of the most innovative wine producers in the Penedès area and explains why we have left the DO Cava. She talks about it within the framework of this new situation that has been created inside the Penedès and, not only does she list the cellars that have made the same change, but she also explains the main reason. The bad image that cava is projecting abroad is incompatible with the cellars that produce quality sparkling wines.

She also stresses the work we have been carrying out since 1998 in our old variety recuperation project and that these show very high resistance to fungal diseases.

It is always gratifying that from abroad, and, above all, through the voice of someone with such international prestige like Jancis Robinson, the good results from years of dedication, innovation and effort are commented on so positively. 

Here is the link to the article:
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