Friday, March 28, 2014

Gold for Reserva Martí in the Vinalies Internationale Competition

Reserva Martí 2007 wins the gold medal at the prestigious Vinalies Internationale 2014 competition in Paris. 

This wine has been elaborated through the careful selection of the best grapes from the different estates around Can Vendrell. Hand-picked and selected once again on the selection table for each one of the varieties that make up this complex coupage, are the main factors in this result.

Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot and Syrah and 24 months aging in French oak barrels and a period of aging in the bottle, make this wine from the 2007 harvest a great gem, complex in aromas, silky and elegant.

After accumulating 31 gold medals throughout this wine’s trajectory, this latest acknowledgement confirms its quality and distinction in an ever more complex international market.

The Vinalies Internationale competition, which was held in Paris this month of March, is organised and run by the French Union of Oenologists. The jury, made up of sector professionals, has tested over 3.500 samples coming from all over the world. Specifically, from 40 different countries.

This competition is now one of the most internationally consolidated and over twenty annual editions have already been held.

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