Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A hedgehog couple and two kestrels now roam around Can Vendrell

This week we have been able to free a hedgehog couple and kestrel birds on the Can Vendrell estate.

Just in July, our friend and specialist in birds and animals in general, Xavier Bayer, gave us the instructions on how to build the den that would be home to the hedgehogs. This sketch helped us to build it.

Firstly, we look for a place away from the wind and where other animals don’t pass by. Then we dig up the ground a little in order to place some Wood with small openings that will act as doors so they can go in and out. On top of this we place branches, leaves and moss until it is well covered and the inside temperature is ideal for the hedgehogs’ home. We won’t see them much as they are nocturnal animals and will only leave the den when nigh falls, but we are sure they will do their work well... they are insectivorous and will contribute to regulating the environment and enriching the biodiversity that surrounds us.

As we were freeing the hedgehogs we also freed a couple of kestrels that had been in a recovery centre getting over an illness or an accident.
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