Monday, September 29, 2014

Silver diploma for 'Vinya Laia' in the swiss competition; Wine Awards International

On the 4th of September the awards ceremony for the 21st edition of the Zurich International Wine Awards was held, organised by Expovina, where our red wine 'Vinya Laia' obtained a Silver Diploma, awarded to the wines with 85 points or more. In total 2.259 samples were presented from 21 countries, of which 694 received a diploma. Of these, 5 Gran Gold Diplomas were awarded, 233 wines obtained a Gold Diploma and 456 got a Silver Diploma.

The competition jury was made up of over 150 experts from different areas in the wine sector: oenologists, tasters, restaurant owners, journalists...

'Vinya Laia' is an ecological red wine made with the Merlot, Garnacha, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. From its elaboration, careful and respectful and with 10 months refining in oak barrels, this tasty and well-structured wine is obtained. This wine forms part of our range of wines for export markets.
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