Monday, October 19, 2015

We are collaborating with the Grup Àgata association during the International Day for the fight against Breast Cancer

This year, on the International Day for the fight against Breast Cancer, we will show our support for the cause hand-in-hand with the Catalan Association of Women Affected by Breast Cancer (Grup Àgata), 

The association was created in 1995 with the aim of offering a support line to all those women affected by breast cancer who didn’t have enough information or support during their illness. Since then, its main mission has been to accompany the women and their families during the different phases of their illness through activities and services that help them to overcome this difficult situation. 

The cellar is promoting the “Pink Week” in solidarity with the cause, which means we are giving all the income received from visits, during the week from the 19th of October to the 25th of October, to the ‘Grup Àgata’ association. During this week, rosé wine or sparkling wine tasting will also be included for free, playing with pinkish colour that is associated with the illness. 

So, our small grain of sand with which we want to show our support to those women who have suffered or who are suffering this illness, and with which we hope to help to continue improving their lives during their recovery process. 

Good luck and lots of courage!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Albet i Noya invests over 500.000€ in infrastructure during 2015 for its premium wine producing cellar

This coming harvest time will represent an important year for Albet i Noya with heavy investments to incorporate improvements in the infrastructure of the “Celler de l’Era”, with the aim of optimising the production processes of the cellar’s most representative wines, the premium wines. This will therefore be the first year, in these new installations, that the cellar will be able to produce wine using 100% of the grapes picked on the estate.

 Rectangular tanks have been purchased from the German company, Speidel, the worldwide benchmark company in technologies for this type of equipment, which will be used during the elaboration process for premium white and red wines in the forthcoming harvest. Specifically, the purchase was for 7 stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 10,200 litres to be used for red wines, and 14 stackable stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 5,200 litres each, of which 7 will be for white wines and 7 for reds, also adding 5, 20,000 litre tanks by the Penedès company, Magusa, to the installation’s total.

 An innovative Willmes pneumatic press has also been purchased. This works with inert gas which therefore allows for the production of natural and sulphite-free wines, as well as whites in general, without the risk of oxidation during the pressing processes as it prevents oxygen from entering and coming into contact with the grape before must extraction. Lastly, and just a few days before the harvest, which will start half-way through august, the last piece of equipment that will complete the new Era cellar will be incorporated; a small, vertical Diemme press with capacity for 1,200kg in each pressing that will be used for red grapes. It is the latest generation of this type of press which, on the basis of the traditional pressing system that is already acknowledged in the most prestigious wine-producing areas throughout the world, allows for the pressing of small amounts of exceptional quality grapes. 

A major investment that the cellar sees as a necessity and an opportunity to continue along the same line of excellence in the premium wine production processes that require this type of equipment that is characterised by technological innovation that is clearly aimed at improving the end product. Albet i Noya’s idea is to continue advancing towards high quality wines, the most natural, ecological and sustainable possible so that the public can enjoy its wines to the utmost.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

3rd edition of the Ordal Peach Market Route at Albet i Noya

This year we are organising the new Ordal Peach Market Route, celebrating the third edition of this gastronomic experience related to the peach, the star of the market during the months of June, July and August. 
The activity will also be supported by the collaboration of three restaurants from Sant Pau d'Ordal (Cal Pere del Maset, Cal Saldoni and Cal Xim), in charge of preparing tapas that will be tasted during the gastronomic itinerary. 

The experience will begin at the cellar. A visit to the vineyard will be the starting point to get know this pioneering cellar in ecological wine production. Afterwards, we will go down to the village of Sant Pau d’Ordal to begin the gastronomic itinerary. Each restaurant’s chef will offer a newly created tapa that will be paired with an Albet i Noya wine. 

A great opportunity to come and get to know the market and the cuisine that surrounds it from a more ludic and gastronomic perspective, without forgetting the good wine, the perfect complement to enjoy this pairing to the utmost. 

Route days: 14 and 27 of June, 5 and 11 of July 
Price: 18 € per person (places are limited)
Information and bookings: / tel. 93 899 48 12

Friday, May 08, 2015

Two Gold medals and one Silver for our wines in the DO Penedès Quality wine Competition

The 49th DO Penedès Quality Wine Competition’s awards ceremony was held last Tuesday, the 5th of May, in Casinet de Sant Salvador restaurant, organised by the Acadèmia Tastavins del Penedès and with the support of the DO Penedès, which awards the best wines in this designation in different categories. 
The 33 finalist wines could be tasted before the dinner started, ecological wines among a total of 120 presented samples evaluated by 24 professionals from different areas linked to the world of wines (sommeliers, restaurant owners, oenologists and specialised journalists).

Regarding our wines, three of them got medals and two were acknowledged with a Diploma of Excellence: 

- Gold Medal for El Fanio 2013 in the White Crianza category 
- Gold Medal for Clàssic Penedès Brut 21 2011 in the Clàssic Penedès sparkling wine category 
- Silver Medal for Syrah Col·lecció 2011 in the Red Crianza category 
- Diploma of Excellence for Reserva Martí 2008 
- Diploma of Excellence for Tempranillo Clàssic 2013 

Both El Fanio wine and Clàssic Penedès Brut 21sparkling wine repeated medals in this edition, although El Fanio was awarded the medal in the Xarel·los category in the previous edition.

We are very happy with the obtained results and full of enthusiasm to continue along this line of work and to continue reaping the fruits of our day-to-day effort and work.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Great Gold and Gold for two Albet i Noya wines at Mundus ViniBiofach 2015

Last Wednesday the results came out for the wines that were awarded at the international ecological wine competition, Mundus ViniBiofach 2015, which coincides with the Biofach fair in Nuremburg, the world leading fair for organic products. 

This year Mundus ViniBiofach celebrates its fifth edition and over 38 members of the jury from 8 different countries tasted over 7.000 presented samples. 
In total, 10 Great Gold, 96 Gold and 90 Silver medals were awarded. 

Among the awarded wines, we can find two of ours: La Milana 2012 awarded with a Great Gold, the only Catalan wine to obtain this acknowledgement, and Ocell de Foc, awarded with a Gold medal

These acknowledgements are very important and endorse them as high quality wines, placing emphasis on La Milana 2012 vintage (which will be on the market very soon) as it is one of the wines that has been given one of only 10 Great Gold medals to be awarded. 

The main characteristics and differentiating traits of this wine can be found where the vineyards are located, in the Can Milà de la Roca estate, an area called “Costers d’Ordal”, where the most outstanding features are the vineyard terraces with their dry-stone walls. The mouthfeel offers us a complex structure, balsamic and rounded, with spicy notes that remind us of bay leaf, clove and green pepper. 

Regarding Ocell de Foc, this wine is aged for 12 months in small casks made of fine-grain oak and, during tasting, we can also notice the warmth of the calcareous terrain of Costers d’Ordal, with notes of garrigue (Mediterranean scrubland) and spices.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Albet i Noya’s terrains in DO Penedès


For a good few years now we have been deepening our knowledge about our wine-growing soils, as a complement to the studies carried out by DO Penedès, with the aim of identifying the different types of terrains that we have in our vineyards in Penedès. 
To date, we can verify that there are 7 terrains that we can find in DO Penedès, three of them are the most characteristic of our vineyards: 

 - 50,9 has. in COSTERS D'ORDAL - MASSÍS DEL GARRAF ( 62 % ) 
- 30,9 has. in CONCA DEL RIU ANOIA ( 36,4 % ) 
- 1,3 has. CONCA DEL RIU FOIX ( 1,6 % ) 

Today we will focus on our most representative terrain; "Costers d'Ordal y Massís del Garraf", and we will analyse the most important characteristics. 

Its origins date back to Miocene times (32 million years ago), when the area of Can Vendrell was a shallow, inland tropical sea with crystalline waters, and full of aquatic animals like the manatee (a species of marine elephant-dolphin) which can still be found in some tropical waters. At that time, Can Sala Mountain and Can Vendrell Rocallís, behind the estate house, was a coral reef located a few metres down. 

Nowadays, the most outstanding feature of this terrain, with a relief sketched out by terraces and dry-stone walls, is the limited depth of its soils, sometimes just a few centimetres, which makes the vine suffer a lo

t when the summers are dry (which is usual) as their capacity to accumulate water is very low and the roots can’t penetrate to any great depth.
This is one the factors that has most impact on the fact that we get very low grape production per hectare, with good ripening and aroma concentration, and always with their outstanding mineral features and hints of calcareous herbs like rosemary, thyme, quince... 

However, it is the high magnesium content of these soils that make the Costers d’Ordal wines fresher than usual, for such a warm place like Penedès, as the wines have low potassium levels that help to maintain their natural acidity. 
These terrains are located at an altitude of around 250-300 m. and are strongly influenced by the sea breeze, which helps to moisten the vine leaves and refreshes the grapes, therefore increasing the thermal contrast that favours the build-up of aromas. 

Other factors, like the high calcium content, the low levels of organic material and a pluviometer at 15% below the central Penedès average, accentuate the mountainous and austere character of its wines. 

The vineyards that Albet i Noya has within the Costers d’Ordal-Massís del Garraf terrains are: 
From the "Can Milà de la Roca" estate: El Fanio, Les Terrasses de Dalt, Les Terrasses del mig and Les terrasses de baix, La Milana, La Partió del Guilera, Mig del Bosc and Rocallís. 
From the "Can Vendrell de la Codina" estate: Bosc Negre, Corral Cremat, Oncle Pau, Boet, Deban la casa, Ton Gulart, Anselm and La Creu del Pago.
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