Monday, February 16, 2015

Great Gold and Gold for two Albet i Noya wines at Mundus ViniBiofach 2015

Last Wednesday the results came out for the wines that were awarded at the international ecological wine competition, Mundus ViniBiofach 2015, which coincides with the Biofach fair in Nuremburg, the world leading fair for organic products. 

This year Mundus ViniBiofach celebrates its fifth edition and over 38 members of the jury from 8 different countries tasted over 7.000 presented samples. 
In total, 10 Great Gold, 96 Gold and 90 Silver medals were awarded. 

Among the awarded wines, we can find two of ours: La Milana 2012 awarded with a Great Gold, the only Catalan wine to obtain this acknowledgement, and Ocell de Foc, awarded with a Gold medal

These acknowledgements are very important and endorse them as high quality wines, placing emphasis on La Milana 2012 vintage (which will be on the market very soon) as it is one of the wines that has been given one of only 10 Great Gold medals to be awarded. 

The main characteristics and differentiating traits of this wine can be found where the vineyards are located, in the Can MilĂ  de la Roca estate, an area called “Costers d’Ordal”, where the most outstanding features are the vineyard terraces with their dry-stone walls. The mouthfeel offers us a complex structure, balsamic and rounded, with spicy notes that remind us of bay leaf, clove and green pepper. 

Regarding Ocell de Foc, this wine is aged for 12 months in small casks made of fine-grain oak and, during tasting, we can also notice the warmth of the calcareous terrain of Costers d’Ordal, with notes of garrigue (Mediterranean scrubland) and spices.
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