Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Renewing the image of the “Clàssics” range in praise of curiosity

  • The new Xarel·lo, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo vintages are presented with a fresher, younger and more casual label 
  • The three wines are now called ‘Curiosos’, recovering the spirit that led the cellar to adventure into ecological agriculture nearly 40 years ago 
  • The new design is the work of the Barcelona agency La Vildi in collaboration with the illustrator Enrique Fernandez 
The 2015 vintage has brought new airs to the cellar. New airs that arrive with the presentation of a renewed, modern and much fresher image for the trio of wines in the ‘Clàssic’ range, which are now called ‘Curiosos’.

This concept change is one of the cellar’s firmest bets for 2016 and responds to a clear goal: to give the wines a more pleasant and casual style, completely different from the one they had to date, to reach a younger and more urban public that shares the values presented in the new label. 

A change in identity that does not mean a change in quality as the ‘Curiosos’ wines are the same ones as before, expressive and with the personality that has characterised and defined them from the outset. So, from now on Xarel·lo Clàssic is Xarel·lo ‘Curiós’; Pinot Noir Clàssic is Pinot Noir ‘Curiosa’, and Tempranillo Clàssic is Tempranillo ‘Curiós’. 


More than just a simple change of name and label, we aim to reaffirm the character that identifies the cellar: a curious and adventurous character that led us into the unknown world of ecological wines at the end of the 70’s and that has led to innovation and experimentation throughout the last 35 years. 

Albet i Noya’s curiosity for the vineyard and wine is also the curiosity felt by new consumers for an ecological, local and quality product. An interaction that we want to capture in the label so that when the wine is being served, the curios characters’ glasses (and the real ones) are emptied. 

The Barcelona agency La Vildi, along with the Albet i Noya brothers and the cellar’s director of marketing, were responsible for elaborating this new image. Together they analysed and developed a list of adjectives that represented the Albet i Noya brand, until they reached the conclusion that “curiosity” is one of the fundamental pillars that has defined, and still defines, the way the Albet i Noya brothers and the Subirats cellar think. The illustrator Enrique Fernandez was the person who shaped the idea with his design of the caricatures that appear on the bottles. 

Xarel·lo Curiós 2015, Pinot Noir Curiosa 2015 and Tempranillo Curiós 2014 can now be found in shops and restaurants. It probably won’t be until May that the Tempranillo vintage will be added to complete the Albet I Noya cellar’s youngest, freshest and most adventurous trilogy. 

We hope you like them!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Deluge of Gold medals at the Mundus Vini Biofach 2016 international competition

A good start to the year for our wines! Once again they have been acknowledged with medals at international competitions, after the Gold medal awarded to Reserva Martí red wine in the French competition, Millésime Bio 2016, held a couple of weeks ago in Montpellier. 

This time it has been at the German ecological wine competition, Mundus Vini Biofach 2016, where several of our wines have been awarded with Gold medals. Specifically, the four wines that the cellar presented at the competition have been awarded: Reserva Martí and Ocell de Foc red wines, Blanc XXV white wine and also the sparkling Clàssic Penedès, Brut Barrica 21

In the seventh edition of this competition, wines from 15 different countries have been tasted by a jury made up of 50 viticulture sector experts. In total, 209 wines have been awarded, of which 11 with a Great Gold, 108 with a Gold medal and 90 with a Silver medal. 

If we compare the results achieved by the cellar in this edition with the one from last year, Ocell de Foc is the wine that repeats the award and, therefore, it has achieved a Gold medal in two consecutive years. The awards are new for El Blanc XXV white wine and for Clàssic Penedès Brut Barrica 21, as they had taken part in previous editions but without having been awarded any medals. 

These results confirm Sant Pau d’Ordal cellar as the only Catalan cellar, and from the rest of the Spain, to achieve four Gold medals in this competition, a difficult target to reach bearing in mind the number of cellars that decide to present their references in the competition. 

So, overjoyed about all these acknowledgements!

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