Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Peñín Guide Gives 14 Albet i Noya Wines over 90 Points

The results of the 2017 Peñín Guide were published recently, and our wines got an exceptional score this year, with 14 wines scoring from 90 to 93 points

Specifically, three of these wines got a score of 93 points, the highest of all of the wines ranked—one more wine than last time. There were two red wines, Belat and La Milana, and the sparkling wines Clàssic Penedès, Brut 21 Barrica, which were given this score by the wine tasters from the Peñín Guide.  

Next, with 92 points, are El Blanc XXV and two red wines, Reserva Martí and Ocell de Foc. They are followed by 100% Xarel·lo and El Fanio, with 91 points, and lastly, with 90 points, seven more items, including white, red, sweet, and sparkling wines: 3 Macabeus, Chardonnay Col·lecció, Lignum white Syrah Col·lecció, Dolç Adrià, Brut Nature Reserva 3, and Brut 21.  

These scores make us the vineyard with the greatest number of wines ranked of all the wines from the Penedès denomination of origin, and the second-highest-ranking vineyard of all Catalonia, after Castillo de Perelada, which had 17 wines scoring over 90 points within one denomination of origin.  

It must be kept in mind that the Peñín Guide is the most prestigious guide to wines from Catalonia and Spain, with editions in German, English, and Japanese, making it an indispensable point of reference both nationally and internationally. It is used by sommeliers, wine lovers, journalists, importers, etc. from all over the world to choose the wines to be included on their wine lists.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Our white wine Xarel·lo Curiós, listed in Forbes magazine as one of the 20 best white wines for under 20 dollars

“Delightfully lively and fresh, while not tongue-curlingly dry. A charming aperitif/ party wine.” This is how the American magazine Forbes describes our Xarel·lo in wine critic Nick Passmore’s article listing the 20 best white wines for under 20 dollars. 
The wine appears on the list with the picture and label exported to the United States, but also with the quality and the characteristics that Xarel·lo has always had. 

Xarel·lo Curiós is the only Catalan and Spanish wine that the wine critic mentions, placing it at the same level as renowned, iconic varieties such as Alsatian Riesling, French Chardonnay, or Italian Pinot Grigio. This is wonderful recognition for the banner variety of the Penedès, confirming the great quality and personality that Xarel·lo gives to white wines. 

Ours is a young Xarel·lo chosen and picked by hand, like the rest of the varieties that we work with, grown in the young vineyards located on the Can Vendrell de la Codina estate. This seasonal wine will be at its fruitiest, with the best aroma, for the first two years after bottling, and it is an excellent match for light, mild dishes.  

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