Friday, April 28, 2017

Albet i Noya wines receive 7 medals in the 2017 edition of the French guide Gilbert & Gaillard

Yesterday evening, on Wednesday, 26th April, at the auditorium of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, and Food in Barcelona, there was an award ceremony to give out the medals and awards for the 2017 edition of the French guide Gilbert & Gaillard, one of the most highly recognised and prestigious guides in the world of wine.  

As far as our wines go, the evening was highly satisfactory, since they won a total of 7 medals between the Gold+, Gold, and Silver—two more medals than in 2016.  
The wines winning prizes this year were: La Milana 2013 and Ocell de Foc 2014 with the Gold+ Medal (wines starting at 90 points); the Reserva Martí 2009, the Belat 2011, and 3 Macabeus 2015, with Gold Medals, and the Syrah Col·lecció 2013 and El Blanc XXV 2013, with Silver Medals.  

This year, the red wine Reserva Martí won the same medal as last year, but the rest of the wines are all newly included and/or new prize-winners, which is positive, since having new wines winning awards from this guide just adds to our success.
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